409 prevoker looking for home

hello, my current raid grp just completed AOTC and seems to be done for the season, i like them guys but, i still would like to progress into mythic some.

looking for a laid back , funny, mature raid grp that still knows how to down some bosses.

looking for a grp that finds the fun in the progression and not just the kill.

Hey, We’re on area-52 Horde and 2/8M with raz on 20% heroic.
plans are we prog mythic as far as we can. raids are tue/thr 8-11pm est.
shoot me a message on discord : TAL#3021

Hey there. Day Raiders is a morning raid guild on Illidan. We raid Wednesday and Thursday 8-11AM EST. We have aotc this season and want to start doing a few mythic bosses. Message me if you are interested in having fun with us!

Discord Ryaden#5511

Hello and Hail fellow raider!

my guild is currently 7/8H looking to keep pushing progression we are looking for a disc priest for our raid team, we raid tues wed 9pm-12am EST and fun run normal on thursdays with alts we also do gold rolls and have fun in our chill raid! if we sound interesting to you then let me know!

Hello I am recruiting for the Holy Ramen Empire. We have AOTC and are looking to fill the last few slots of our mythic raiding team. We raid Tues and Thurs from 7-9 pm CT. We have a friendly, active guild with members pushing keys and valor farming. Contact me at Dimonius#5777 on Discord if you are interested :slight_smile:

Hey there,

Midnight Mutiny is on Sargeras. We are always looking for late night gamers!

We currently are 2/8 mythic and are making progress on the 3rd mythic boss of VoTI raid.

Our raid times are
10:30pm - 1:30am PST (1:30am - 4:30am EST)


BTag: Fhatee#1821 or Discord: fhatee#7914

Hey, We’re a 2/8M guild on Area-52 that is looking for DPS to add to our core! There are still a few more DPS spots available. We raid Tue/Wed 9pm-12am. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Discord: Deathlorrd#9243

Hey Albertbouria! has an opening for Preservation Evoker! I will leave our post below, feel free to reach out!

Bnet: Subst#1909
Discord: Subst#5741

Yo we are looking to add players to our Mythic team for 10.1. We will begin raiding this tier as soon as we fill up or get close to a
full team and use it for trialing purposes. Our Raid times are M/W 7:30-9:30 PST. We are a laid back group of friends we all have 5/8M
Experience and are open to picking up people who are willing to learn mechanics and have a chill raid environment. Please let me know
if your interested or add me on BNet at Notionz#1371.


Wed/Thurs 7:30-10:30pst –

Please add me Btag : Fishizzle#1162 or Discord: Fish#6453

Hi! DANNY DEVITO FANCLUB [8/8 H][2/8 M] is looking to fill its ranks for casual mythic progression and weekly AOTC clears. We raid SATURDAY at 7PM [central/server], and are looking for more!

I think our name speaks for itself, if you like our name you’ll probably like our guild. We are a group of friends who enjoy a good meme. We are currenlty rebuilding our roster, and are looking for more like minded folks to join us. Looking for those who are interested in the long haul, and want to find a new core group.

SAT 7pm - 10pm [central/server]

[Andre - GM/RL] BNET: Andreinator#1396 & DISCORD: Andreinator#8929
[Tinsley - Officer] BNET: Tinsley#11270 & DISCORD: Tinsley#9973

Greetings Albert - We’re recruiting for our AOTC raid team here at Spun, forming some solid M+ teams, and welcoming casual players as well. I’ve posted some details below, but you can also add me on Discord and I can tell you more about our guild, vibe, and goals for Dragonflight! Devonellah#0195

We’re currently 6/8 Heroic in Vault of the Incarnates and in need of a Healer, Melee, and Ranged DPS to fill out our team!

SPUN is a new rapidly growing guild with a friendly and engaging environment! Our mission is to create an atmosphere that allows our members to take their talent to the next level.

About our AOTC raid team

Our team will be focused on achieving AOTC for Season One. This is a unique opportunity to join a fantastic group of people that will help you grow as a raider and be a part of a fast-growing guild on Stormrage.

Raid Times

Friday: 8:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. EST
Saturday: 8:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. EST

Click here to view our recruitment post on the wow forum.

I look forward to speaking with you :slight_smile: