Looking for a mature, casual guild for maybe some pve and pvp

I am looking for a guild with adults over 30.
Would also like a guild that wants to do raids but isn’t in a rush to finish mythic the day the Raid drops.
A guild that works together and helps each other. Either it be raiding or mythics or questing.

I’m not tied to a server or faction right now as I’ve just come back and am kind starting over from scratch.

Yo! Sounds like right up our alley. Send me a request on discord :slight_smile:

My guild Legalize Peacebloom [A] - Whisperwind(8/8N 7/8H VOI) is looking for more, Our core members have been AOTC every tier since legion. We consist of players of all types, from hardcore veterans, to returning players, to the brand new raiders checking out the scene for the first time. We sometimes dip our toes in a little mythic raiding, but our focus is AOTC and Mythic +'s. We have a strong Mythic+ community, with multiple KSM/KSH members in DF. We’re mostly all in our 30’s and enjoy a good laugh, but when it’s time to raid, it’s time to raid. We currently have people running keys from 2s to 20s, and raid Friday and Saturday 8-1030pm est. If you’re interested let me know. My discord is Arriesa#9139. I look forward to chatting with you.


Hi Cambriia!

If someone is looking for friendly social community, the beating heart of a MMO, Found a Green Quest (US Horde Zul’jin & cross realm/cross faction community) is the place. While we have Keystone masters and amazing players, we have many more in the community either returning to WoW, in classic or just finding their way through the World of Warcraft in a casual friendly environment. We have mythic Mondays for a respectful and fun environment. We raid weekly in Wednesdays and Thursdays (7:30pm-10pm EST) and are interested in building up people not tearing them down. We have plans for guild sponsored PVP, regular t-mog runs to old content, Guild trivia and game nights, Pet battle tournaments, almost any activity you can think of in the game. If you’re a high key pushers but are getting turned off by negativity, or are a casual looking for a fun and friendly community or are a new or returning player intimidated by everything you see ingame and in Wowhead, we have Plenty of people ready to help you out. Give Found a Green Quest shot and you wont regret it.

Let Kiuayoukai, Kira or Van know if you’re interested!

Discord Kiuayoukai#2395
Battle.net Kiua#1912
Discord- Lexiii#1872
Battlenet- LexiRenee#1472
Discord- Vandro#5790
Battlenet- TheHammer#1904

I don’t copy/paste walls of text. Lets chat on Discord.


Hi. I think you might be a good fit for our AOTC guild, Moonwell Dancers.

Founded in February 2005, Moonwell Dancers is a casual, friendly Alliance guild on the Uldum server.

We play World of Warcraft for fun, and the guild has grown based on the idea that players can reach their shared goals in a friendly atmosphere far more effectively than in the cutthroat environment typical of so-called “raiding” guilds. We raid. We just have fun doing it. We raid Fri/Sat 5-730pm PST. We also run m+ throughout the week.

We also have achievement seekers. And we have plenty of casual players who just like to explore what Azeroth has to offer.

If you’re still interested, my btag is Epsilonp#1422.

I think we might be right up your alley! My guild is Horde, on Zul’jin. We are currently 6/8H after only two weeks of working on it. Lots of people that are running keys and helping each other out. We are mostly 30+yo and have a guild mom that is 70 :slight_smile: We are all really good friends and have a really great, welcoming atmosphere. If it sounds like something you’d like to check out, my contact info is in the post below :slight_smile:

Hi there! My guild Falkor on stormrage is looking for more players! We are alliance but also have a community for our horde friends.

I see that you are wanting an older group of people. We are all 21+ with most people being about 30+ in age.

We run fun get together events all throughout the week! Transmog runs, mount farming, achievement hunting, leveling, and sometimes other games too.

We have people running keys of all levels just about everyday and we provide pots and phils to everyone for those as well.

We have a raid team but its a super relaxed environment. we are 8/8 H and some are 2/8 M as well. Our raid times are fri/sat 8-11 est.

We are really just focused on finding more people to join us in fun things during the week. If any of this is of interest to you feel free to contact me on discord (Chibibunny2#4469) or our gm dille(Dille#2417)