405 Paladin with 415 Enh alt LF AOTC Guild


Who I am
I am a previous mythic raider who has always gotten to the end tier bosses but never fully achieved CE. My main passion in the game is M+ and I do not have the time to dedicate to serious mythic progression anymore.

What I am looking for
I am looking for a fast paced AOTC guild that dabbles into mythic progression. Prefer 2 nights a week any weekday is perfect. I am available anytime after 7:30pm CST.

What I can bring
I am very flexible with the class/spec I can play. I have been multi-classing in the game since I started playing in Nyalotha as a DH/Hunter player. Since then I have moved onto paladin as my main (Mythic raided on all 3 specs at a semi-high level) and my Enh shaman. I would prefer to keep paladin as my main but I am open to filling other gaps in a roster.

If you would like to contact me directly you can message me on discord or bnet. Otherwise feel free to comment here and I can reach out as well.

Discord: Lecks#6001
Bnet: Lex#12923

Hey my guild might be a good fit for you.

We are an alliance guild( but have a community for horde friends) on stormrage looking for people for our fri/sat heroic team and tue/thursday mythic team plus everyone who just wants to have fun with the game.

we have a lot of people who love all different aspects of the game. We have achievement hunting groups, m+ groups, mount farm nights, ect. There is something going on just about every night.

Some information about us from our gm:

Falkor [A] Stormrage was created by players who just LOVE the game. Most of our community have mythic raided or currently are and are looking for a fun relaxed community and weekend raid environment. (We call ourselves the Mythic Raider Retirement Community)

We are looking for players to help build a strong community. We are looking to build a long term home for players who enjoy wow. We are looking for experienced players to push AOTC on Tues and Thurs but, also recruiting more casual players for Fri and Sat.
We are a 21+ guild of veteran players looking to fill out our Roster and build a social fun environment. We push keys, PVP, and fun community events.

Raid Nights:
Tuesday and Thursday mythic raid 8:30PM-11PM EST
Friday and Saturday heroic raid 8PM – 11 PM EST

Progress - We got a very late start but, are AOTC 8/8H and 2/8 M
Guild Needs: We are currently recruiting for the 2nd Tier of Dragon flight.

Fri/Sat - Needs all - Casual Raiders Welcome

Interested? ADD/Message - Dille in Discord - Dille#2417

Hey friend! I added on you on Discord. I think we are a really really great fit for what you are looking for.

Bumping to the top!

Bumping to the top

Hi Levi’s, we could use another competent dps on our team. We are mythic focused but not aggressive (we just progress not push so CE is not really our end goal unless it works out that way like NYA did) so you can be more relaxed. Our info here:

Let me know if interested. Thanks!

Come on down and grill some dogs with the boys, 7/8H but most of us individually have AOTC. We don’t have time for mythic either and m+ all the time. Omni#9776 on disc! T/M 9-11 server raid time. People>parses.