408 Hunter LF AotC/Casual Mythic raiding

Hope yall had a good box this morning!

Hi there! I took tokens today, but it’s all good! Still looking for a chill raid environment and a new group of friends to be weird with? Check us out here: [US] [H or A] [Illidan] <Renewal Gaming> 6/8H LF ALL for 10.1! Raid nights are Tues/Wed at 8-11 pm EST. 6/8H

We’re gathering people looking to clear AOTC and push into mythic. Sound good? :slight_smile:
Semi Retired is a raiding and m+ focused guild on Area 52 looking to build up our roster to push into mythic raiding for upcoming Patch 10.1! Our goal is to create an active, inclusive m+ community to strengthen our forces and teamwork so when Aberrus is open we go in ready to push hard.

We’re looking for more people like the people we have now: People who want to engage and do things together. People who are looking to be apart of the guild, not just use the guild to achieve their individual goals only. People should have goals and we want the guild to help people get them, but we also want people who will turn around and help others to achieve theirs.

The currect raid schedule is Tuesday/Wednesday 9-12 EST. M+ is run throughout the week and we do anywhere from baby keys for valor and alts to higher keys pushing to KSH.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, reach out to talk to one of our officers. Add one of our officers on either Bnet or Discord!
Xrusader (Guild Master) - BNet: silver9172#11607 - Discord: Xarali#6374
Akeychi (Officer) - Bnet: Rusams#1495 - Discord: Akeychi#1141

Added you on disc

Hello, Ry!

Dark Exiles is a newly founded guild on Bleeding Hollow, with a experience leadership that are veteran raiders and M+ players.

We are looking for members who are interested in PvE content, such as mythic plus, as well as mythic raiding.

Our mythic raid group (Team Cream) has achieved 8/8H and 3/8M, and we raid Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30-10:30PM Eastern Standard Time (server time). Team Cream is looking for dps and healers who are flexible swapping between heals/dps. We are in major need of a disc priest, heal and dps evoker, resto shaman, enhancement shaman, elemental shaman, mage, rogue, and any other exceptional dps. All others are still welcome to apply.

If you aren’t on Bleeding Hollow, we can trial you in Heroic or Mythic via cross-server, and if you work out I will pay for your server transfer so you can come to Mythic with us.

We have a second group that raids 7:30-10:30pm EST Tuesday/Thursday. They are currently 8/8N and 6/8H and are in need of healers and dps.

What if I am new to the game and have never raided or done M+?

  • We built this guild up from scratch. Many of our players were new to the game, undergeared, never raided, or were brand new players to WoW in general. I am extremely impressed with our leadership team, as when we started raided our raiders were barely able to clear normal raids, and now we have all heroic bosses on farm as well as the first two mythic bosses.

I am very confident that we will be able to teach more players how to raid and be successful, and we find great satisfaction in gearing players and bringing them up to preform at high levels.

Why join Dark Exiles?

  • We have a quickly growing community that supports each other to do content such as leveling, quests, M+, raids, achievements, mounts, and pet farming. There is always something to do and usually no lack of people in the guild willing to help you.
  • We have weekly events where you can win gold prizes, such as transmog competitions, fresh character races, a guild lottery, and scheduled achievement runs.
  • We have an active Discord where we share pictures of our pets, guild achievements, transmogs, and post important information, as well as hang out in voice channels!

If you are interested in joining, please feel free to add me!
Discord: Drummerthing#5497
Battletag: Drummerthing#1906

I added your GM and he said you don’t need any more hunters. Might want to update your spam

Hey mate, we are a AotC / CE focus guild with a casual adult group that would be interested in talking with you. We love to be able to push CE as our own 20 man team rather then having to pug for fill. We are in need of ranged dps at this time for the upcoming 10.1 patch. We raid Tues/Thur/Sundays from 8 - 11 CST, if this are good times for you and you feel like you want to discuss more hit me up on discord. Disbeliever#1140

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Got up to around 1600 io so far. Trying to knock out KSM before season reset

Back on the market due to time diff. Looking forward to another week of raiding!

Hey Ryu,

I represent a casual AOTC guild that is 8/8hc & 2/8M on Stormrage. We raid Tues/Thurs 830pm-11pm EST and have a casual fri/sat raid group that has fun as well. If this interests you, let’s chat further on discord: Shen#1265

Hey Ryujinx!

If you’re open to weekend raiding, Inevitable might be a good fit for you! We’re AOTC-focused, with active M+ groups, and all around a great community of folks who love the game and don’t put up with jerks. We’re currently recruiting for next tier, and especially looking for some ranged DPS. You can read more about us in our main recruiting post, or reach out with questions!

hey you look like we may be a fit. Our times line up and we are low on Hunters. is a guild that has been AOTC focused in the past and we’re starting to push into mythic. We are currently 8/8 H and 2/8 M seeking some solid raiders to fill out our mythic core. Raid days are Tues/Wed from 9-11 EST. We’re based on Illidan and will be accepting all horde and alliance when 10.1 drops. Hit me up if you’re interested. Disc Shalendra#2354

Hello Ryujinx! The schedule might be bit late for you, but worth asking in case if our schedule works for you possibly. We just started to rebuild our team after breaking off from a guild, we are 7/8h with 2 raiding nights (wed/th) and sunday as option to push prog, our raiding schedule is 10:30pm - 1:30am EST. We usually aim for AOTC plus pushing some mythic prog. DM Ozeanos#0547 on discord if you are interested! Cheers.

I have added everyone! Sorry for the delay!

Bit too late for me, sorry

H][US][Zul’Jin] 2-Day Mythic Team ★ |End of Line| ★ - T/Th (8-11 PM EST)


I would love for you to join our team!

About Us: 5/8 Mythic, 8/8 Heroic

What we offer:

  1. Mythic + (multiple groups run +20-27 keys)
  2. Alt raiding, transmog runs, and other guild activities
  3. AmongUs/Streaming Parties
  4. Guild repairs

What we want:

  • Proactive raiders
  • Raiders that also run M+ regularly

For more information, add me on Discord:


Hey Ryu!

We would love to have you! let me know if we sound like a great fit and if you are still looking!


  • Tenured AotC Guild
  • LF DPS for Aberrus and beyond!
  • Heroic Raid, AOTC Focused, and active in Mythic +.
  • Plenty of melee availability, always welcome ranged.
  • 1 more heal spot once roster hits 18-20 (We recruit to 25)
  • Family First guild :heart: No Elitists

Contact Smuush-Thrall
BNET: Smush#11764
Discord: Smush#9763

Current Roster:
3 Paladin (Tank, DPS, Heal)
2 Druid (DPS)
2 Shaman (DPS, Heal)
1 Hunter
1 Evoker (DPS)
1 Warrior (Tank)
1 Priest (Heal)
1 Warlock
0 Monk, Rogue, DK, Mage, Demon Hunter

[b]Full Post w/ who we are as a guild & raid team/b]

Hi Ryu!

Our guild is currently looking for more ranged dps. You can find more info here: [Stormrage] Mythic Guild LF more raiders for 10.1! for

Hope to hear from you :slight_smile: