417 Warlock 3/8M LF Mythic Raid Team


I am seeking to continue mythic progression. I’ve been pugging thus far, and am currently 3/8M.

I’ve been a mythic raider every tier. Looking for a reliable team with a non-toxic atmosphere that has stable attendance.

Please let me know if you have any opportunities.

add me airbourne88#1885 lets go woot

Got a spot for ya

add haku#12610

if you’re willing to go Alliance, check out our info below and hit me up. thanks!

Hi, Mikey! Our guild is recruiting and we would love to add another lock to our team. We have a super friendly guild with a very relaxed environment. I think you’d be a great fit for us. You can find more info here: [A][Stormrage] <Vitality> 8/8H 2/8M LF DK + more!

I’d love to talk more. Please contact me through Discord! laura#0003

Hi we are looking to add players to our Mythic team for 10.1. We will begin raiding this tier as soon as we fill up or get close to a
full team and use it for trialing purposes. Our Raid times are M/W 7:30-9:30 PST. We are a laid back group of friends we all have 5/8M
Experience and are open to picking up people who are willing to learn mechanics and have a chill raid environment. Please let me know
if your interested or add me on BNet at Notionz#1371.


Dark Exiles was founded on Bleeding Hollow, with a experience leadership and veteran raiders and M+ players.

We are looking for members who are interested in PvE content, such as mythic plus, as well as mythic raiding.

Our mythic raid group has achieved 8/8H and 3/8M, and we raid Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30-10:30PM Eastern Standard Time (server time). We are looking for a tank,
dps and healers who are flexible swapping between heals/dps. We are in major need of a Tank, disc priest, heal and dps evoker, resto shaman, enhancement shaman, elemental shaman, warlock, mage, rogue, and any other exceptional dps. All others are still welcome to apply.

What if I am new to the game and have never raided or done M+?

  • We built this guild up from scratch. Many of our players were new to the game, undergeared, never raided, or were brand new players to WoW in general. I am extremely impressed with our leadership team, as when we started raided our raiders were barely able to clear normal raids, and now we have all heroic bosses on farm. We are pushing into mythic as far as we can until the next raid tier. With the second raid tier in Dragon Flight we are focusing on getting Cutting Edge!

I am very confident that we will be able to teach more players how to raid and be successful, and we find great satisfaction in gearing players and bringing them up to preform at high levels.

Why join Dark Exiles?

  • We have a quickly growing community that supports each other to do content such as leveling, quests, M+, raids, achievements, mounts, and pet farming. There is always something to do and usually no lack of people in the guild willing to help you.
  • We have weekly events where you can win gold prizes, such as transmog competitions, fresh character races, a guild lottery, and scheduled achievement runs.
  • We have an active Discord where we share pictures of our pets, guild achievements, transmogs, and post important information, as well as hang out in voice channels!

If you are interested in joining, please feel free to add me!
Discord: Kabz#2096
Battletag: Kabz#1685

Good Morning,

Wardance is currently 3/8M and I could see you being a very good fit for our raid tier and going forward.

We raid on Zul’Jin Mythic Tuesday and Wednesday from 8PM to 11PM EST with a non mandatory alt/main Heroic raid on Sunday.

If this interests you please feel free to reach out at

ExE#11727 (battlenet)
ExE#1727 (discord)

Mythic Misfits (US-Bleeding Hollow - Horde) is looking for a Lock for our mythic team! We raid Thurs/Fri 8-11EST. We’re currently 2/8M and 10% on Terros, then going on to Sennarth.

About us:
We are looking to fill key roles on both teams with strong, motivated players who are open to constructive criticism and have a good attitude.

Expectations for Mythic Team

  • Show up to raid on time & be in Discord 15 minutes early if possible
  • Come prepared for all encounters. (Enchants, Talents, Consumables)
  • 4 +15 vault M+ Dungeons done per week is recommended, unless IRL issues prevent this
  • 2400 IO
  • Crafted gear when sparks become available
  • All Raiders and Trials are expected to have 90% attendance throughout the tier

Other Guild Features:

  • Community of passionate M+ pushers
  • Second raid team for AOTC focus and weekend Heroic and Normal raids
  • Weekly D&D games
  • Achievement runs
  • Majority of consumables provided
  • Guild repairs for raiders

Contact Info:

GM – Jezzabelle#9867 (Discord) / Jezzabelle#11726 (BNet)

Mythic Misfits (US Bleeding Hollow Horde) is looking for a Warlock for our Mythic progression team! We’re currently 2/8M and 10% on Terros, which should go down this week.

Raid times:
Thurs/Fri 8-11EST

We strive to have a non-toxic atmosphere and a great community.

We also have a Mythic+ community and other games. Our discord is extremely active and we always have people online.

Contact Info:

GM – Jezzabelle#9867 (Discord) / Jezzabelle#11726 (BNet)

Hi there.

We definitely have the stable, non elitist roster and team that you speak of.

We are 3/8M with Sennarth at 16% all within a month of raiding together.

We raid tues and Wed 830-1130 eastern.

Seeking 1-2 more solid and reliable dps to trial heading into the remainder of this tier as well as 10.1.

If interested please reach out to me on disc at Mortiia6352

Hey man! Add me on discord TrippyGaron#4256 would love to talk to you more!

Hello there! I am recruiting to finish S1 out strong and to be even stronger in 10.1. We are currently 3/8m also. Add me on discord Forreal#1407


We are currently looking for ranged DPS . little bit about us ZAFIRAH is a long-standing Alextrasza/Terokkar guild that has recently relocated to Stormrage. We value a fun yet efficient raid experience without toxicity, and are driven to accomplishing more in less time rather than favoring an aggressive & grueling raid schedule. We’re not just a guild, but a community of friends both long-term and new.

Our community is open-minded, supportive, and welcoming to new players who value the same. We do our best to include everyone in all content when possible. Are you a skilled player but having a bad night? Having some trouble surviving a newly learned mechanic? In our community you’ll never be talked down to or ridiculed. You won’t be publicly shamed. At worst you may be politely asked to sit out on a boss fight so progression can continue, but everyone’s always given opportunities and encouragement to improve. We all learn together, we all get better together.

Our standard raid nights are Monday, Tuesday 8:15pm - 11:15pm EST. In addition we have a casual Friday raid for those who are looking to do more. Most of us also enjoy
running mythic+ dungeon keys and are always open to new players with positive attitudes who wish to join in.

Our current progression is 8/8 H and 3/8 M currently working on the spider boss. You can reach me in game using my BTAG Vodod#1181

Guild: Cow Udders Need Tugging chill, Competitive, & Long -Standing BH guild (T/W/SU) 8/8H 4/8M 7:45 -11pm Est. LF warlock, Enhance Shaman DH, Btag Thalrinn#11769

You left no contact info. Add me if you want to talk.

Discord - BL#7097

Hey Mikey,

6/8M CE Focused
7-10 EST W/F

Discord: Spex4wild#4587


If you are still looking, would like to chat! 5/8M guild on Illidan!


Hey Mik,

6/8M CE Focused
P2 Brood 1st night
W/F 7-10 EST

Discord: Spex4wild#4587