Lf mythic raid progression team

I main a Holy Priest 406 at the moment. I have AOTC Raz. Would like a friendly Mythic progression guild. #SuperPants 110222

Also have a warrior 404

Hello , I am the recruiting officer for loch Modan yatch club (LMYC) on Us-Thrall I am reaching out to you as you may fit our guilds needs. We are a one day a week raiding guild we raid on Wednesday from 7-11PM EST, although we only raid once a week we prog just as fast or faster then 2 day guilds. Looking to hear back from you. Discord tag - Tipsy#0007.

Good morning!

I’ll save you from the usual copy paste.

Tues / Wed 830-1130 eastern.
Few weeks into a rebuild…(8/10M SoD,5/11M SoFO, same leadership)
1/8M, council at 26% after 1 night.

Seeking to fill core dps spots to prog and aim for CE in future tiers.

If you’d like to join a group of new faces who are all on a new journey together as opposed to joining 19 people who have raided together forever, then we would love to talk.

Mortiia#6352 on disc

We are in need of a full time priest asap

I’m the recruiting officer for Valos Cor a horde casual Mythic raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow and we’re looking for a healer. We’re currently 7/8H and 1/8M, we raid Tues and Thurs 8:30-11:30pm Eastern, and we push M+ keys after raids and periodically during the week. Plan is to get AotC first and then as far into Mythic as our sanity and patience allows. We’re mostly long-time players and a bunch of us have been together for a while.

Feel free to reach out to me (Wrathblood#1742 on bnet or Wrath#3004 on Discord) or Novasolan (our RL, Novasolan#9219 on Discord). We’d love to chat about what you’re looking for in a guild. Thanks!