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Hi Dooberz,

Any interested in alliance? We are 2/8M and 8/8H and are looking for more ranged dps. We raid Fri/Sat 7-10pm PST. My btag is vcronwen#1282 if you are interested.

Hey there I shot you a B net request

H-Mal’Ganis- Imperfect 1/8M 8/8H LF Core Raiders for Mythic Tues-Weds

Imperfect is a brand new guild formed by CE players coming back together, and is now looking for players to fill out our core roster for Mythic Prog! We raid Tuesday & Wednesday 9pm - 12am EST. We will NOT extend past those times. We value our time and want to make good use of the 6 hours a week of raid. Please reach out to Drez#11420 (Bnet)/ Drez#3273 (Discord) with any questions or interest.

Recruitment needs:

Holy Pally


Ret Pal


Ele Sham

Enhance Sham



S Priest

Semi competitive guild - some enjoy harder content and others prefer to take it easy. Decent discord prescence.

LF 1 ranged for our heroic push so close to AOTC, currently in dire need of a ranged or two to complete our core heroic group. Preferences are; spriest, ele sham, evoker, lock. Any caster class can fit in although! On a side note we are looking for all or any skilled dps that would like to join. Mac7121#1079 is my discord name, or wisper Gandex/Beldersof-mannoroth ingame!

Would love to chat over discord about open spot on our mythic raid team! Forreal#1407

DANNY DEVITO FANCLUB [8/8 H][2/8 M] is looking to fill its ranks for casual mythic progression. We raid SAT & SUN at 7PM [central/server], and are looking for more DPS!

I think our name speaks for itself, if you like our name you’ll probably like our guild. We are a group of friends who enjoy a good meme. We raided together through Legion & BFA, and then took a small hiatus during Shadowlands but came back for DF. We are looking for more like minded folks to join us on our weekly raids, and our key groups. Looking for those who are interested in the long haul, and want to find a new core group.

SAT 7pm - 11pm [central/server]
SUN 7pm - 10pm [central/server]

[Andre - GM/RL] BNET: Andreinator#1396 & DISCORD: Andreinator#8929
[Tinsley - Officer] BNET: Tinsley#11270 & DISCORD: Tinsley#9973

Hey there dooberz,

We are currently looking for hybrids for mythic prog. Would love to chat so i sent a friend request. Will leave my info below and hope to chat soon!