Lf mythic guild

Hello, our guild fell apart a couple weeks ago, just a couple of us left. 2 tanks but one doesn’t play that much and two DPS are left. All of us are pumpers. In game names are: (Zul Jin)

Wapp - Havoc DH
Chimpka/Chimka - blood dk/ prot warrior
Bubblehealftw - prot pally/ret
Yakkem - boomy

All of us are 8/8H and 2/8 M and around 415-417 ilvl

Just looking for what’s out there. Also big in pushing high keys in m+ .

Contact me on Discord : Chimka#5083

Sounds like you need a couple friends
Critically Dumb is looking for more raiders to progress through M VOTI. We are looking for driven DPS to round out our roster of exceptional players.

Who are we?
A casual mythic guild with the goal of progressing through mythic each tier and seeing how far we can get.

What are we looking for?
Any DPS that have a progression mindset and enjoy the game.

What you will bring.
A good attitude and a fun presence while playing your class to your fullest extent! We also run alot of mythic plus outside of raid to ensure our raiders receive the most gear they can from their vault.

Please have logs from VOTI and a character able to mythic raid before applying.

Raid times
Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm-11pm EST.
These times are set in stone and we expect near perfect attendance.

Overall we are a group of friends who enjoy playing this game together and just love raiding together! If you think Critically Dumb sounds like a guild you would love to join please read below!

Please message me on discord to set up a time to chat!
ping @long dong con#3271
(hilarious I know)

We hope to hear from you soon!

Hey there, we’re 2/8 currently progging mythic terros. We raid on tues/thurs 8-11pm EST. If you’re interested I’d love to chat with all of you. Just hit me a discord request at Vaultic#2344, thanks for the consideration