416 Item Level
5/8 Mythic VOTI - 60% Dathea Prog
Full Tier Set/ BIS Trinkets
CE CN 10/10Mythic Hunter , SOD 10/10 CE Holy Paladin, SOF 11/11 Mythic Holy Paladin
[Lïghty - Illidan - Warcraft Logs]
3001Raiderio Score Mythic Plus
Dont mind server or faction changing for either Alliance or Horde
Looking for CE guild with at least progging Dathea and 6/8 or 5/8 mythic. Can send any logs or guild applications. Looking for East Coast if possible =)

EST and CE focused. Give it a few weeks. We’ll be 6/8M. I got 2 teams runnug. The main core is just shy of a month old and absolutely booming. I could use a hpal, lmk spots are getting thin as multiple people are transferring and joining us daily now, cheers!

Hi! We’re 5/8M and we’re East Coast :slight_smile: One of our healers needs to take some time off so we need a Holy Paly. DM me on discord at Saylen#8297 and lets talk!