Shaman LF New Home

I’ll try to keep it short.
Friendly and helpful player LF guild. :slight_smile:
Enhance / Resto Shaman LF a guild that is active and fun to be around.
LF a social / engaging guild thats helpful with M+ and raiding.

Preferring a 7pm eastern raid / Mythic + times.
PvP is a plus but not required.

I am up for realm changing to other eastern ones.

Add me TommyMessala#1926 so we can talk on Bnet
or Disc -Unholy#9364

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•• Reign Supreme •• est.2009- [Tues/Wed 9pm-12am EST] Looking for a strong Healer ,We are 8/8N 7/8H, group of Aotc veteran raiders with a fun and driven atmosphere. Open to all applications for any solid raider. TY


Hi there!

Here at Casual Damage, we are a super laid back adult oriented group that loves to raid and do keys during the week. Pvp events soon to come as well. We are 7/8 knocking on the door of aotc for Vault of the Incarnates, and we have plenty of keys being done during the week from baby keys, mid level, and some pros running 16s to 20s. We welcome folks of all skill levels.

We raid Wed and Sat from 6 to 9pm PST, normal raids start at 6pm on sat before heroic continues. Please message our GM, contact info below, with any questions or if you wish to join the team. Hope to hear from you. We are in absolute need of good dps and the possibility you are a healer too is even better for raid and keys during the week.

Draggato#5421 on discord for information and recruitment inquiries.

Hi there. I am GM of a guild that has traditionally focused on m+ but recently started recruiting for a regular raid group. We have a very fun and chill atmosphere but are serious about progression. I’ll share a little about us below. (We also have been dabbling in pvp and am happy to run that as well.)

Out of Our League was formed in BFA season 4. We have primarily focused on m+ (we were doing 20+ keys in Shadowlands and we have KSM in DF season 1). We’re now looking to get more serious about raiding and hope to become an aotc guild and eventually push into mythic.

We run on Thursdays and Saturdays from 8:30 - 11 pm est. We are recruiting healers and DPS. We expect regular raid attendance but are all adults with families, jobs, kids, etc. and understand that real life stuff comes up sometimes. We don’t have specific requirements but we are seeking experienced, geared players who are prepared to jump into heroic progression. And most importantly, we expect everyone to have a positive attitude and not be toxic.

We don’t require immediate server transfer or guild membership if you want to run with us – we have a parallel community for cross-realm and cross-faction play. Reach out to me on Discord at Ellesar#6760 if you’re interested!

(accidentally posted that on my alt – this is my main)

Hey Vorin,
Added you on Btag. Lets chat.

Corrupted Intent is a 21+ horde guild on the server Area 52 looking for like minded players to come join us, with an AOTC/Mythic mindset as well as being active in Mythic Plus. Current GM has 15 years of experience as a GM & Officer’s have years of leadership experience as well as AOTC & Mythic Raiding Experience as well as most of our community has AOTC/Mythic experience.


  • Knowledge of class/fights and prepared for the raid
  • Communication
  • 80% attendance & punctuality & accountability for raids
  • Progression Mindset, and a team player, includes ability to take constructive criticism

Raid Days & Times:

Fri & Sat 8-11pm EST
Current Progression 8/8N 5/8H

Healer: High Priority (Disc Priest, Resto Shaman, Evoker)
Dps: High Priority- Melee Dps

**Any and all players that feel they would be a good fit, should apply whether your role/class is listed or not **

Contact Information:
Btag: Aria#13773
Discord: xstarlite#2756

Hey there! Our guild would love to add another Enhance Shaman to our roster, and we always appreciate those willing to flex when needed! We’d love to chat with you if we interest you, I sent over a btag request but I also wanted to leave more of our info below.

Chaotic Neutral is a long-established semi-hardcore guild located on Alliance Turalyon that has been around since TBC! While we aren’t a hardcore CE push guild we do like to push as far as we can into mythic with a relaxed and chill raid environment, we’re a guild that prefers to have fun than get angry about progress.

We raid Tues/Weds from 7:30-10:30 pm EST with an optional Saturday extra prog/alt night in the same time frame if we have the people. If you’d like more info on our previous progress please visit our forum post. All we ask of raiders is to research fights and research your own class so you can play to the best of your ability!
For VotI, we are currently 8/8H & 2/8M!

I’ll leave all our additional info below that I recommend checking out, but if you’re interested then please add my btag or discord to get in contact or put in an app on our guild site, hope to hear from you and if not then good luck on your search! :wave:

Forum Post: [A][Turalyon] <Chaotic Neutral> - 8/8H & 2/8M | Recruiting for Dragonflight! Class Needs updated!
Guilds of WoW Page:
WoW Prog:
Recruitment Contacts: Btag - GingerHeals#11438 | Discord: Sulveris#2701

Hey there!

My name is Zozz, GM for the guild Inntrovertus. We’re casual/normal and raid 930PM EST Sunday/Monday. I tried shooting you a message on discord, but it wouldn’t work. Id love to chat if you could spare the time.

Discord: Zozz#0329

Hi Vorin - We’re creating a new AOTC raid team here at Spun on Stormrage, and based on your desired raid time, we come “close” to that. :slight_smile: I’ve posted some details below, but you can also add me on Discord and I can tell you more about our AOTC team, vibe, and goals for Dragonflight :slight_smile: Devonellah#0195

SPUN is a new rapidly growing guild with a friendly and engaging environment! Our mission is to create an atmosphere that allows our team members to take their talent to the next level!

About our AOTC raid team

Our team will be focused on achieving AOTC for Season One. This is a unique opportunity to join a fantastic group of people that will help you grow as a raider and be a part of a fast-growing guild on Stormrage.

Raid Times

Friday: 8:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. EST
Saturday: 8:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. EST

Click here to view our recruitment post on the wow forum.

Come on down and grill some dogs in Booty Bay! Omni#9776 on disc!

Hey! I think my guild fits the description of what you’re looking for! Here’s a bit more info

<Roll for Initiative> US-Area 52-Horde 7/8H 8/8N

ABOUT US: Founded in 2018, Roll for Initiative is an active pve and social guild with a focus on a sense of community. We welcome casuals, new players, and hardcore players alike; there’s a little bit of something for everyone! We have an active discord and community. We value doing content together and helping each other out, all while having fun with friends. We’re big on mythic keys and hold a variety of weekly guild events like: mog/mount/achievement runs, cards against humanity, pictionary, movie nights, rbgs, bingo, raffles, contests, other games, and a bunch more!

RAID GOALS: Our main goal is to have fun with friends while downing bosses and create a chill, stress-free raid environment. That being said we are AOTC focused, then we casually progress on mythic.


Tuesdays & Wednesdays 8:30pm-11:30pm est


  • 395 item level


  • Dps (any)

-Priority to: Mage & Warlock

We help gear committed raiders


bnet: NobleWarBear#1291

discord: Mochi#0765

Tried adding you on disc but that name is incorrect or now allowing me to add you.

Hey Vorin, we could use a healer with a dps offspec!

Guild & Server: :Horde: : Area 52
Raid Times/Days: Wednesday/Thursday 9:00 pm- 11:30 pm EST, Alt raid Saturday 9:00-11:30EST
Current Progression: 8/8H 2/8M with Terros at 9% VotI
Recruitment Contacts: Aaylah#1064 or apply at
Requirements: Be willing to show up prepared, have relevant mythic experience, enjoy doing keys outside of raid. We are an active guild with minimal raiding requirements and tons of tanks and heals around to do keys!
Needs: Evoker Healer, Paladin Heals, Mage, Boomkin, Evoker, Death Knight dps. We will also consider any strong ranged dps or flex healer applications.