404 BDK or Fury Warr 7/8H LF Guild

I have tanked since WotLK and took a break after Uldir in BFA and throughout SL. I’m back for DF, but my current guild basically stopped raiding (on Whisperwind). Pug raiding is becoming increasingly more tiring, and I’d love to find a casual, but active guild home for AotC raiding, M+, and other social activities.

I’m currently 403 ilvl BDK, 7/8H with many (failed) attempts pugging Raz. I also have a 405 ilvl fury warrior (Meehow, 2k M+) who is 7/8H, and possibly a prot paladin (Citherly) who I haven’t raided with in DF yet.

I would prefer not to transfer servers as I’ve moved so many times - I’d rather save $$, but I could possibly be open to it.

Hello, Cithas.

Our Fri/Sat team (AOTC-focused with a possibility of some Mythic down the road) is currently looking for a tank! Check out our post and add one of the contacts if you’re interested! :slight_smile: We are a very active Guild with 3 raid teams, 2 of which are Mythic/CE-focused, and have a huge key community.


Thanks, I appreciate the offer. Unfortunately, those raid times do not work for me.

Hi Cithas!

Our guild, Found a Green Quest-Zul’jin, is actively recruiting a Fury/Arms Warrior, BM Hunter, Ret Pally, Devastation Evoker, Havoc DH, Any Spec Rogue, Any Spec Warlock or any exceptional dps for our progression team. Currently we are 8/8N 6/8H; however, we have been trialing a lot of people and have finally set our team moving forward. We have cleared normal and we’re moving into heroic to get AOTC after. Our current raid times are Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30pm est to 10pm est. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to Jarsha-Zul’jin or Vandrex-Zuljin to speak to raid leaders.

Discord- Jarsha#1350
Discord- Vandro#5790

Well met, Cithas!

One Night Affair-US-Stormrage

8/8N | 7/8H

Raid times: Tuesday night 08:30-11:30 EST.

Led by former CE-focused players, ONA is an AOTC-focused guild that focuses on using our limited time with efficiency and effectiveness, while maintaining a fun stress free environment.

Much of our core team has reached KSM for DF S1 and are pushing beyond.

Recruitment is currently open for:
ALL DPS Roles.
Priority on:
WW Monk
Preservation Evoker
Devastation Evoker

Contact: Lucast
BNET: Lucast#1127
Discord: Lucast#0562 (Preferred contact method)


We just formed our guild from a failed adventure. We have multiple AOTC members looking for all classes with a high emphasis on tanks. We are casual and I think you would fit us perfectly. Thrall is the server we are on and we raid just Tuesday 7-10pm EST. Let me know if you have any questions!

Can reach out to me on discord: Kerpshocker#6828

Hey there, I currently am rebuilding my raid team after the burnout wave hit we are a 7/8H guild on stormrage we are in need or shall i say I am in need of an Off tank to tank with me on the core team! we raid tues wed 9pm-12am est, al/fun run thurs, m+ throughout the week, chill raid team with goals set on aotc, started tanking and the guild in wrath so long standing guild! hmu

Lowding#1703 bnet

If you are still looking let me know what you think! [H][Thrall] <Six Inches Unbuffed> Newly formed with multiple AOTC members

Send me a discord message also if you want more info: kerpshocker#6828

I have a prot war and 1 DK! I cover realm costs for the right candidates who vibe with the boys. Give us a read buddy and lmk in disc, cheers!

Hello Cithas, Calamity of A52 is also 7/8 H and in need of players that want to be consistent and show up to raid. We are sick of pugging as well. we raid tuesday and thursday 7-10pm ESt. if any of this sounds good, dm me.

Strohs#11784 bnet
Stroh#7706 Discord