416 WW Monk LF New Home [A/H]

416Ilvl - 8/8H - 2.7k IO WW Monk LF guild, preferably Alliance, with a heavy focus on m+. Mostly available weekends, not looking to raid, but don’t mind filling in from time to time. Main interest is finding like minded people who want to push keys. Would prefer a guild that’s active a little earlier in the evening as I am east coast and I do get up pretty early for work.

If you think we might be a good fit for each other, or you have questions, feel free to message me on discord - Emagonadye#4074

Still Searching = )

Sent friend request

Still Searching

Any Alliance guilds out there that do lots of m+? Id like to be a dwarf ^.^

Hey I know you are mostly looking for m+ (I’d totally be down to run with you, but I’m only 2650 btag VtecBwahh#1165 Character Lingween-Proudmoore)

Anyhow, I’ll paste the guild spiel below, I think you’d like it

< Eternal Kingdom > [A/H] Proudmoore - US

Newly Launched Team Paradigm

Mythic Progression – 3 days / 9 hrs per week | Goal: Cutting Edge
Cross-Faction Raiding Team
Schedule: Tues/Wed/Thurs 5PM – 8PM PST (8PM – 11PM EST)
Recruitment open for all classes/specs. Seeking immediate raid-ready applicants to be part of our inaugural raid team!

Eternal Kingdom is a large World of Warcraft multi-guild community that was formed in 2013 with a very clear goal: Make the world a better place! In addition to many weekly events, EK has multiple raid teams. We are newly launched Team Paradigm! We are a group of experienced players that are creating a new paradigm & are recruiting others who are interested in fun banter, camaraderie, memes, progression, lootz, & penguins. Please check out our Team Page for more info or submit an application if interested.

Recruitment Contacts: Team Lead - Athiee
Discord: Athiee#7231 | Btag: Athiee#1576
Raid Lead - Holybirb
Discord: A_birb#0001 | Btag: Fizzy#12886

Team Page: eternal-kingdom. com /paradigm
Application: eternal-kingdom. com /apply-form/?team=pardigm

Still searching, Trying to live that Dwarf Dream!

Hey, it’s Corte. My guild STUPID-Stormrage is recruiting exceptional dps to trial for our core team. Currently 4/8M. We raid Tuesday/Thursday 9-12 am. With optional sundays for heroic reclear. Our goal was 4/8M but we have a good group of raiders that can clear 8/8M if we put in the work. If you have any questions just hmu I’ll get back asap. I know a few people in the guild are trying to pull together a M+ team. Discord is tots172#2267 if you’re interested.

Morning! Still doing a look! :grin:

Sure would be nice to see Ironforge again!

Still searching for a good fit.

My guild Legalize Peacebloom [A] - Whisperwind(8/8N 7/8H VOI) is looking for more, Our core members have been AOTC every tier since legion. We consist of players of all types, from hardcore veterans, to returning players, to the brand new raiders checking out the scene for the first time. We sometimes dip our toes in a little mythic raiding, but our focus is AOTC and Mythic +'s. We have a strong Mythic+ community, with multiple KSM/KSH members in DF. We’re mostly all in our 30’s and enjoy a good laugh, but when it’s time to raid, it’s time to raid. We currently have people running keys from 2s to 20s, and raid Friday and Saturday 8-1030pm est. If you’re interested let me know. My discord is Arriesa#9139. I look forward to chatting with you.


There has got to be some cool M+ Guilds out there somewhere!

Still hoping to see the snowy hills of Ironforge!

Still Searching!

Still looking for a new home with cool m+ people overlooking the snowy hills of Ironforge.