🛡 "What's going on?" - Every Reinhardt Main Ever


As many of us here have noticed after this latest patch Reinhardt feels a bit…well…different. And by different, I mean much worse.

I think I speak collectively for all Reinhardt-mains when I say that we would really appreciate some kind of official response about this. I’m not even asking for a detailed response, just something like a “we are aware”, or “this is intentional”, or “wow, that’s news to us, we’ll look more into it”, or “haha, tough luck, home slice.”

Anything at this point.

It would mean the world to us to have an official answer/update on the current state of our beloved giant, German man.

For those out of the loop:

It also appears that Reddit users are also noticing the differences

And it looks like it’s not just animation cancelation issues, but some animation start-up delays as well. Additionally, Earthshatter has also been further affected:

Additional bugs affecting barrier/hero interactions:

So what’s going on? The lion on his shield gets fixed and somehow we’re magically smacked with these HUGE differences? That’s why we’re asking for some clarification, or at least acknowledgement. If it’s intentional, ok! At least now we know and we can move on. We’re used to having to adapt.

Bonus content:


So, not only do these bugs affect the Reinhardt players, but others as well. Look at that poor Hanzo getting phantom smashed by a Charge through a wall. Hey, guess what, everyone! We want our stuff to work, too! We’re not exactly having a blast over here.

In no way am I trying to impede on anyone else’s posts regarding struggles with heroes, such as Sombra or Bastion. I know Reinhardt topics are touchy since the meta is currently favoring him. We’re not asking for buffs, we just want our kit to work, and we also would greatly appreciate some sort of response.

Thanks to everyone who read this far. Stay positive out there, and remember, we are your shield!

EDIT: CAREBEAR shared Muma’s personal opinion on this

(time 2h11m40s)

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lets keep this thread bumped and get blizzard to see it
rein mains unite!


I’m hoping it gains traction.

Again, I don’t necessarily want an answer to the problems. Just some kind of acknowledge. I even said in my post that I’d be content with a “this is intentional”, because at least I know now and I can just start to get acclimated to it.


Yup, even overwatch streamers such as muma said they hate the change and were annoyed it wasnt in the patch notes
blizz thinking their cute not putting these things in patch notes smh, how can we trust in their balance decisions and have faith in the game when they try and hide these things from us


If you can find that source I will link it for you.

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Yup, afterstar linked it in the “silent reinhardt nerf” thread

(time 2h11m40s)


I don’t play Rein but this sounds absolutely miserable. :worried:


i saw this today myself he seems a bit off did he get a ninja nerf?


Thank you! Appreciate the assistance.


We’re not sure yet…it’s either a ninja nerf, new bugs, or both.


Devs are too busy setting up for the league finals to care about anything


I thought there was something wrong with me or my network when playing him before… Not really happy to see that wasnt the case…


Remember when his hammer swings weren’t registering in time with the animation? Yeah, that was a fun time.


I have not played Reinhardt since the patch, but this sounds absolutely terrible! The guy’s had it hard enough, Blizzard! Please stop beating up grandpa.


How I feel in regards to our awesome grandpa and how he’s being treated:


I dont think they would have silently and hugely nerfed Rein. My guess is they were trying to fix his bugs and accidentally introduced this. Maybe they recoded his abilities and didn’t add the animation cancels back in (maybe they were unintentional?)


Rein mains have to put up with all the CC in the game and now this? I need you guys and your shield!


I want to be your shield, too, but I’m kinda having a stroke over here with all of these CCs and slower animation start-ups, lol.


Oh geez. I remember that I had to put down one of my cats because he had a stroke… he used to watch my screen when I played Overwatch, now I understand why that happened.


Aww, I’m so sorry about your sweet, kitty :frowning:

I hope you are doing fine.