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Sent you a btag request

bump up to top

Bumping it up, raid tonight

Progression raid tonight, come join us! On Heroic Mekk

Please join us this weekend for H Jaina kill! We are late night raiders and will start progressing in Mythic, on Mal’Ganis!

Raid tomorrow night! on H Jaina
Come join us :smile:

Bump! We’re still looking for more to fill our roster!

if u guys r still looking for people me and my friend r looking to join my discord is spraypwnzu#1598 and my battletag is the same name and I have tried to add u on battlenet

Bump it! We’ll be starting our Mythic raids tonight!
on Mal’Ganis server

What other games do you guys play on offnights? I’m looking for a weekend team but I’m returning to the game and far behind the curve.

I’m looking for a group with a good sense of humor first, then progression a close second. My skill level is between AotC and CE (I left my hardcore days behind a long time ago)

Free bump for you either way!

i sent a b tag req- 412mw monk

Bump, still looking for more guildies and late night raiders!

Bump, recruiting late night raiders!

Bumping for this week’s raid, starting tomorrow night!

We are 2/9 M BoD currently progressing on Jadefire.
Looking to fill up 1 or 2 healing spots and multiple DPS spots, please apply or contact above officers.
Please be sure you can make our raid times and days, we pull on time!
Tonight is our Monday 1AM CST alt run!

Bump it back up!

Hey i sent you a friend request, myself and my boyfriend are looking for a new home to raid with for 8.2. I am a 410 boomie and he is a 416 holy/disc priest. We both only ended 3/9M in BoD due to guilds disbanding, but we both have prior CE raiding experience. Feel free to add me lolwaht#1264 and he’s bbf#11892 if you’re interested :slight_smile: link to his armory

Bump! We’re still looking for more members!

Bumping for 8.2! New raid starting this week. LF late night raiders, come join us!