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410 Prot Pally and 409 Warlock LF M Guild 3/9M
Group of friends switching servers
Monk tank looking for raiding guild
438 Boomy LF New Home :)
433 / 431 Resto/Boomkin | Ex-top US player searching for guild
437 IL BOOMY LF raiding guild
3/8M WW or Spriest looking for new guild
4/8 M 436 Brewmaster monk, 443 H pally, 438 Hunter
445 Protection Paladin
428(And rising) 3/8M Guardian Druid LF Mythic Team
Old post dont need
435ilvl hpally lfg
(h) Experienced raider returning to game
437 IL boomy LF raiding Guild
Prot Warr LF Mythic Raiding Guild
Resto Shaman Looking For New Server/Guild
H Rogue LFG 421
Lf guild Horde or Alliance
441 Gdruid/437 Boom OS, 433 Brm LF guild. 3/8M
441 Dps DH LF Mythic raiding guild
432 3/8M Exp Resto Shaman LFG
3/8M 441 Fury Warrior LFG
H Rogue LFG 421
430+ DH LF Heroic/mythic guild
Area52 Resto/Balance Druid LF new home!
435 balance druid and 430 aff lock LFG Horde only
410 Hunter looking for mythic raiding & M+ pushing guild
433 Elemental Shaman 3/8M LF Late Night Mythic Raiding Guild
434 warlock looking for late night raiding guild
396 ILVL Mage Looking for semi serious guild
432 shadow lf weekend raiding guild!
BM Hunter LF Mythic Raid Group
435 balance druid and 430 aff lock LFG Horde only
[410] Destro Warlock looking for a super late night raid guild - Thrall
441 Guardian Tank LF Mythic Raiding Guild Late Night
Raider looking for late night guild that doesn't run Thurs
[a] 437 warlock lf weekend mythic raid guild/ m+ guild (willing to transfer)
LFG West Coast
Rogue, 439 ilvl, 63 hoa, 7/8h, lf weekend mythic raiding guild
Need a Home
437 Blood DK LF Mythic Raiding Guild
431 Prot Pally 424 BM Hunter LF Raiding
429 Resto Shaman
437 Resto Sham LF 2-3 Day alli/horde
Looking for guild home - Brewmaster Monk
436 Resto druid/Doomkin LF semi serious mythic progression guild
433 frost mage
429 Warlock 8/8H w/ Mythic Prog LF guild
Returning Player LF Guild
433 Holy/Disc LF weekend guild
[H] 428 TANK LFG 6/8 Heroic EP
438 Vengeance/havoc Demon Hunter LF a late 2 night Mythic raid team, tank/dps 3/8M EP experience
Please delete!
435 Fury War OR 435 Resto Druid LF Guild
3/8M 438 DH tank or DPS LF a very late night/early morning raid team
436 Resto druid/Doomkin LF semi serious mythic progression guild
426 Resto Druid LF late night raiding guild Pacific Standard Time
430 Lock LF Mythic Guild [H]
432 DPS/Tank DH LF latenight or weekend mythic Guild
449 RDruid LF Mythic Guild
Quit in 8.1, LF raiding guild to get back into game
410 ILVL Orc Frost/Blood DK looking for guild
431 Guardian Druid LF Casual Mythic Guild
426 Tank LF Raid Spot - Will Transfer
413 Destruction Warlock LF Raiding Guild
434 ILVL rogue paired with a 438 prot pally
[A] 434 Warlock lf Weekend Mythic Raid Guild/ M+ Guild
436 Boomy/Resto LF new raiding guild
[A] Warlock and Resto Shaman looking for raiding guild
Hunter Looking For late night/Weekend guild
430 Mythic xp horde BM/WW monk LF guild
Boomie& MW lf guild
(H) 436 Monk ( flexible in spec) LF late night
432 BM hunter 7/8H 1/8M
423ilvl 7/8H Hunter LF Late Night Weekend Raiding
440 Druid LF late night/weekend guild
Lf weekend night raid team
435 Ele/Resto Shaman LF M+ / Raid guild
431 BM Hunter LFG
429 Boomkin LF Late Night Mythic Guild
415 Boomkin LF Casual Raiding
[H] 429 ilvl Affliction Lock Looking for M Raiding
430 Demo Lock LF Raiding Guild
Previous ustop 100 player LF morning/very late Guild
433 Balance Druid LF Late night raiding guild
429 Rogue LF 2-DAY GUILD [H] OR [A] (SPriest alt)
Holy Priest LFG
435 Rdruid/Moonking LF Mythic Raiding Late Night EST
Experienced Healer looking to return
435 Rdrui/Boom LF Late Night Mythic
432 Rogue lf late night raid team
Versatile DPS LF PST late night guild/static
3/8M 434 WW Monk, 426 Mage LF Late Night
3/8M 433 8/8H BM/MM hunter LF mythic raiding... Late
Returning raider LF late night guild (H)
[H] 422 Ele Shaman (Resto Off-Spec) and 428 Feral Druid LF Late Night / Morning H/M PST Guild, Willing to Transfer
LF 11pm-4am CST raiding guild
[H] 2 Players LF weekend raiding guild
425 Lock or 420 DH CE raider LF fri/sat
[H] (Hyjal) 406 Fury Warrior LF casual Guild
[H] 420 BM Hunter LF Mythic Guild
411 Rogue LF Evening Raiding Guild
(H) 430 Mage lf mythic progression guild
418 hunter looking for late night or weekend raiding guild
402 Fire mage LF casual raiding guild (US Illidan)
Shadow Priest LF guild
400 Fury Warrior Sargeras Horde
420 Rogue LF late night raiding
429 Fury War LF MYTHIC Horde Guild
Looking for raiding guild. Preferably night raiding
MAL’GANIS destro/demo lock looking for raiding guild
420 fury LF late night mythic guild
H[A52] 405 Boomie LF Late Night Raiding Guild
404 demo warlock on malganis
Lf semi hardcore raiding guild that is active for 2 friends
[H] Guardian/Feral druid LF 9:30+ PST weekday raiding guild
412 Frost DK (With Alts)
403 Arms LF Guild
Delete Post
404 Frost mage 9/9 H, 1/9 M looking for active raiding guild
LF Heroic Guild
400 ilvl Ele shaman LF weekend Mythic raiding guild
409 MW Looking For Raiding Guild
377 UD Warlock LF New Home
<H> LF Active Night time Casual Guild
Mage (maybe resto druid/shammy. . . ) LF Light Raiding Guild Sargares
399 Hpal LF PST Semi Casual Raiding
414 ilvl Hunter returning from small Hiatus
Removed post
DH looking for late night guild
[H or A][Sargeras][Arthas][Any Realm] Long time player trying to return to raiding
LF late night raiding guild Malganis
398 HPal LF Raiding Guild
Returning playing looking for raids starting after 10pm EST
410 BM Hunter LF Raid Guild
Looking for a miracle?
411 Hpal LF Raiding guild for 8.2
Holy/Prot Paladin LF Mythic Guild
411 WW Monk LF Raiding Guild for 8.2
407 Ilvl DH LF mature adult H&M raiding guild
Returning player(H) Illidan
413 MW LF Mythic Guild
(A) Returning Player Currently 396 H Priest Looking for New Home
410 Ele/Resto Sham (A) LF Morning Raiding Team
416 Boomkin / Resto flex
412 LF guild
410 Resto/Ele Sham LF Morning Guild
H LF Casual/Raiding Guild - any server
410 MW Monk LFG
Delete post plz
Lf Raiding/Mythic+ guild
Multiclass Dmg Dealer LF M Raid Guild
Balance / Resto Druid LF PST Guild
Long time Raider LF Mythic progression
LF casual or semi hardcore weekend raiding team (prefer late)
391 Druid LF AoTC Guild
400 WW monk LF competent raiding guild
Are you a casual, friendly, Late night guild?
393 BrM LF friendly, Social, Active guild. Will switch server/faction if needed
412 Shadow/ 415 Holy Priest Looking for mythic guild
Healer LF Daytime or Extremely Late Night Group
Two friends looking for new guild
405 Bear/Feral druid Looking for late night early morning guild!
2/9 M DH and 1/9 M Resto Druid/BDK LFG
[H] 417 5/9M 2/2H Resto Druid LF Late Night Guild
407ilvl Spriest LF late night guild
5/9 mythic 409 boomkin / rogue / mage lf m+ or raiding guild
Looking for an active AOTC guild
LF Morning EST/PST Raiding Guild
LF late night guild
LF late night guild
400 Tank/dps LF late night guild
405 Bear/feral druid LF new home
415 RDruid LF Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild
403 lock of night raiding guild
[A/H?] Healer/rdps looking for a new home!
411 Resto Druid
[H] 1500 iO - 414 prot warrior / 415 frost mage / 414 arms warrior LF raiding guild/mythic+ team - 3 players
Boomy-hunter looking for Saturday Sunday Monday raiding guild
Looking for guild 405-415 ilvl
Returning Rsham(99% mythic logs in Legion) LF Guild
[H] 3/9 Priest Healer LFG
407 Warlock LF New Home to Raid
Frost mage lf late night raiding guild
412 fury warr lf guild
413 tank/dps warrior lf weekend late night or morning weekday guild
[A] 405 Brewmaster/ WW Monk LF late night guild
Healer LF Late Night Raiding Guild (Hpriest, HPally or RSham)
[h][us] 3/9m 9/9h 411 bm lf raiding/social guild
7/9M Mage OR Shaman 1600io LF LATE NIGHT!
Ele and Ret LF Guild for Future Content
410 ilvl hunter lf mythic bod and 8.2 onwards
410 Prot war lf weekend late night raiding guild
412 mw, 8/9h 1/9m
410 Prot Warrior LFG
[H] 405 Holy Priest LFG - M+'s, 7/9H BOD
406 Resto 403 Ele Shaman LF Guild
415 DH 8/9M EXP LF Weekend/Early Morning Guild
5/9 411 Frost DK lf new team
Shot in the dark- Any late/weekend rerolls? (PST)
4/9M HPal LF Late Night Guild
404 DPS DH/DK LF Sat/Sun late night raiding guild
Casual Player LF Friendly/Social Guild
401 Rogue LF Guild
403 Holy Pally / Ret Pally LFG
How do you make friends in WoW?
New tank LF guild
Paladin 3x aotc
404 rshaman, 9/9 M experience1
Mage LF Guild Home
Returning Mythic Raider LF New Home
416 Fury DPS LF Mythic Guild
412 6/9M Spriest LF guild
413 Prot/Fury War LF Guild
404 resto druid. lf mythic and m+
PLease delete
Looking for chill guild
382 resto druid lf weekend raiding guild
3DPS and 1HEALER 5/9M looking for guild -Stormrage [A]
Group of 3 LF raiding guild
LF Late Night Raid/M+ Guild
LF Raiding Guild
411 Rogue LF mythic guild
[H] Havoc DH 402 LF Guild for Heroic BOD / M+
370 BM Hunter LF Late Night Raid
410 Elemental 5/9M Exp LF LATE Night
408 Boomkin LF Guild
[H] 402 FWar. Looking for a home
LF Very Casual Guild/Community for Older Players
[H] Tortheldrin - Warrior - LF Home :)
Ret Pally LF raiding guild
Guardian Druid LF casual but progressive guild
[A][3/9M]413 Balance Druid LF Late Night Raiding
[H]Dh tank /dps
407 AoTC rogue looking for Guild Thrall[H]
New player lfh
Found guild
396 DH DPS/Tank LF Guild
WW/MW Monk LF Raiding
405 BM/WW/MW Monk LF Weekend Raiding Guild
5/9m tank lf guild tp push CE with
409 BM Hunter LFG A or H
Casual Returning druid healer here
413 3/9M Destro Lock looking for late night mythic raiding team [A]
395 demo warlock lfg
407 Balance Druid LF Guild
Hunter LF -->WEEKEND<-- raid guild
405 spriest potentially lf a new raid team
414 Multi-Spec Death Knight Seeking Late-Night Guild
5/9M 413 Prot warr /400 Blood dk
LF late night social guild
410 Blood DK LF Guild
Healer LF Weekend Raid Guild
392 Boomkin LF Sat/Sun LFG Raid
407 Balance Druid LF Guild
[H] 412 Boomkin LF guild
Lf guild on malganis
[H] 412 Boomkin LF guild
(H)Mythic + Group Looking for Weekend Raiding Guild
Please Delete
[A] Boomkin/Resto Druid (400) /Mage (414) /Ret/Prot (405)
Nevermind made a new one
407holy priest(8/9h 2/9m)
Former Legion Raider LF M Guild
Bloodhoof server, Assassination Rogue LF active guild
[H] Returning player LF AOTC guild
Low Level Looking
390 ilvl [H] Rogue LF M+ Dungeon Guild/Group
390ilvl warlock LF Sat/Sun raiding guild Central Time
Lf afternoon early morning raiding guild 386 bm hunter
387 Shadow/Disc LF Weekend Raid Guild
[H] AOTC, 1550 IO Rogue Looking For Mythic Raid and M+
413 MM Hunter 5/9M LF mythic raiding
408eq Fury/Arms dps LF raid guild
H/A Healer LF H/M Progression Guild
[A] 411 resto/balance druid seeks new home
Guild Recruitment
383 Warlock LF H BoD Guild
[H] 404 Frost Mage LFG
403 Rogue LF Mythic Guild!
1/9M 398 Prot warrior LF raiding guild
New(ish) Hunter looking for guild I can gear up and raid with!
Looking for late night raiding
6/9 M 418 ilvl DH LFM Guilds
Returning Player LFG to Invest in ME
420 Shadow Priest 8/8 LF Guild
[h] 3/8M rDruid LF Late Night Guild
435 Fury Warrior lf raid team
(Transfer) 3 DPS & 1 Healer [3/8m] LF Mythic Prog Guild
Warlock and Mage LF weekend raid team
Warlock lf Guild
443 Disc Priest 3/8M LF Pacific Time Raiding
ELE shaman LF LATE NIGHT raid team
387 Shadow/Disc LF Weekend Raid Guild
403 Resto Druid LFG (weekends because of job new schedule)
[A] feral druid new to raiding
Looking for a guild
4 Mythic Raiders looking for a new home [H] Mal'Ganis
410 Boomkin LF very early/very late or Weekend corp
405ilvl BM Hunter LFG
401 dk/dh 8/9 h 2/9m lf a mythic guild
384 Prot Pally LF Weekend Raiding
LF Guild // Alliance Kel'Thuzad
415 Hpal 7/9M LF guild
DH Tank/dps and additional alts looking for home
410 High Parsing Havoc DH willing to xfer late night CE guild
Delete please
Alliance Rogue (Kel'Thuzad) LF Raiding Guild
7/9M 410Rogue/SP 90+Percentile Parses LFG
LF Guild Proudmoore
3/9M 410 Havoc DH LF CE guild
411 6/9M DH LF Guild [Horde]
401 Fury War LF Guild
415 6/9M hpal lf guild
5/9M 415 DH DPS looking for raid team
400/393 Destro Lock/Balance Druid LF Mythic Guild
413 Disc Priest BD 3/9M LF Mythic Raiding Guild Malganis
Fury(preferred)/Prot Warrior LFGuild
416 mage 5/9M BoD exp LF late night/weekend raiding guild/M+
407 Mage LF Mythic Prog Guild (3/9MEXP)
337 Prot Pally LF active guild to progress w/
LF Casual Guild
6/9M Hunter and Moonkin LF new Home
411 4/9 Boomie LF horde Guild No tues raiding
Resto/ele sham
410 Ele sham LF Mythic raiding
410 Resto Druid, 3/9 M LF Mythic raiding guild
404 Prot Pally US ED
410 arms warrior 1/9M LF mythic guild
[H] 405 Holy Priest LFG for M+'s 5/9H BOD
405 MW Heals (Horde only)
5/9m Boomkin/Prot warrior lf M guild
BM/WW Monk 405 [H][Illidan]
395 Hunter or 391 BrM Tank Looking for Raiding Guild
Returning player needs a guild
410 B DK 1300 IO LF guild active mythic +s
408 Boomkin Looking for Late Night Mythic Guild
LF Weekend Raiding
BM/MM Hunter LF Guild
Hybrid player
385 MW Looking for guild
Looking for a guild
350 Ele Shaman LF casual / semi-casual raiding guild
LF raiding guild casual
410 Ele sham LF Mythic raiding
Resto/ele sham
405 HPal LF Progressing Guild!
Experienced paladin LF guild-Illidan
385 MW / WW Monk LFG
Prot paladin looking for a home
[A] 390-1 Warrior LF Guild
410 Brewmaster Monk LF new raid team
LF Casual Guild
391 Boomkin | 380 Mage | Shadowpriest | Warlock
407 Frs Mage LF Raiding Guild-Illidan
Lock/Druid LF raiding guild
Returning Player LF Guild to possibly raid with
Tank LF Mythic runs and active guild
409 Ret/405 Prot LF Guild
410 Resto Druid, 3/9 M LF Mythic raiding guild
377 War LF Guild :)
7/9M 414+ Prot Pally & Fury Warrior LF CE Guild
LFG 393 Spriest (H) Dalaran
Parent LF parent friendly guild
Looking for a guild
Looking for friendly/social guild
(A) Rogue LFweekend guild
3 stack H.Raiders LF Raid Group
Looking for a Fri/Sat raid guild
Back after a unexpected break
Disc priest looking for raiding guild and or rated pvp
404 Spriest/402 Disc and 398 boomy LF guild
414 Brew/Blood DK/Prot War 6/9M LF Guild
7/9M Rogue lf late night
410 Fire Mage 4/9M LF Guild
Delete Post
2/9m 9/9h 412ilvl Balance Druid Mal'Ganis LFG
8/9M 410 DH or 414 Boomie LF Raid Guild
395 BM looking for weekend raiding guild
:cyclone: 438 Tank, 437 Healer and 435 Hunter LF Raiding Guild
395 rdruid looking for late night guild
Returning Player LF Weekend Raid Guild
400 Balance Druid (Resto OS) LF Fri/Sat Raid
Orange Parse mythic raider lf 1-2 night heroic guild/Mythic Guilds Alt run
LF Weekend guild WW/Brew Monk
413 Rogue LF Mythic Raiding
Returning to the game after a long hiatus
[H] 400 Holy Priest LFG
408 ret/holy/prot LF 2 day or less mythic raiding
[A] 407 mage +warrior+monk LF Mythic guild
Resto druid looking for a guild
411 MM/BM Hunter LF Horde Guild
411 Lock / 411 DH / 411 WW/MW LFG
405 Ret/Prot LF Mythic progression raiding
Priest [383]/Druid [390] looking for casual guild
LF raiding guild
4/9M 407 ilvl boomie LF Horde raiding guild
407 Rogue / 404 Hunter LFG
Veteran player LF guild
398 Prot Warrior Lf Home
403 Prot Warrior LF weekend Guild
Unholy DK LF Mythic Raiding Guild
[H]415 MW 3/9M LF Late Night or Weekends team
410 Druid looking for guild
404 Disc/Shadow Priest
[A] [FM] 402 MW - Returning raider LF Guild
5/9M 411 Prot warrior LF Mythic Guild
396 resto shaman looking for weekend raid team
[H] 415 MW 3/9M LF New Home -Healer
--lf guild--
LF weekend raiding guild
407 Fury Warrior 9/9H, 2/9M Prior CE
406 BrM Tank - LF 2 Night 1WkDay 1 Wkend
6/9 M Rogue / Lock LF Weekend Guild
Prior Us top 10 - LFGuild - coming back
Aggramar - 386 Rogue LFG
403 HPriest LF 2nights 9-12 PST fun raiding guild
MM/BM Hunter 405 looking for latenight or weekend raid
410 rogue lf mythic raiding guild
407 Mage LF weekend raiding guild
Deleted post
405 Windwalker/Brewmaster Monk LF Mythic Raiding Guild
6/9 Prot Main/Ret OS Pally LFG
420 6/9M 9/9H(week 1) BDK LF Guild
409ilvl Boomkin/Resto Druid LF Weekday Mythic Raid
Dps LF Late Night raiding guild
411 Hunter 6/9M LF New Home
402 Balance/Resto druid LF late night
Mythic raider looking for guild
Lfg 3/9m 413 bm hunter
Two players looking for new Guild home
[A] 3/9 Resto Druid and MM Hunter LFG
410 mw and 405 disc priest still looking!
411 MW Monk (3/9M, 9/9H) LF guild
435 SPriest LF raiding guild
(H) 8/8H 442 Fury/Prot Warrior LF New Home

Sent you a btag request

bump up to top

Bumping it up, raid tonight

Progression raid tonight, come join us! On Heroic Mekk

Please join us this weekend for H Jaina kill! We are late night raiders and will start progressing in Mythic, on Mal’Ganis!

Raid tomorrow night! on H Jaina
Come join us :smile:

Bump! We’re still looking for more to fill our roster!

if u guys r still looking for people me and my friend r looking to join my discord is spraypwnzu#1598 and my battletag is the same name and I have tried to add u on battlenet

Bump it! We’ll be starting our Mythic raids tonight!
on Mal’Ganis server

What other games do you guys play on offnights? I’m looking for a weekend team but I’m returning to the game and far behind the curve.

I’m looking for a group with a good sense of humor first, then progression a close second. My skill level is between AotC and CE (I left my hardcore days behind a long time ago)

Free bump for you either way!

i sent a b tag req- 412mw monk

Bump, still looking for more guildies and late night raiders!

Bump, recruiting late night raiders!

Bumping for this week’s raid, starting tomorrow night!

We are 2/9 M BoD currently progressing on Jadefire.
Looking to fill up 1 or 2 healing spots and multiple DPS spots, please apply or contact above officers.
Please be sure you can make our raid times and days, we pull on time!
Tonight is our Monday 1AM CST alt run!

Bump it back up!

Hey i sent you a friend request, myself and my boyfriend are looking for a new home to raid with for 8.2. I am a 410 boomie and he is a 416 holy/disc priest. We both only ended 3/9M in BoD due to guilds disbanding, but we both have prior CE raiding experience. Feel free to add me lolwaht#1264 and he’s bbf#11892 if you’re interested :slight_smile: link to his armory

Bump! We’re still looking for more members!

Bumping for 8.2! New raid starting this week. LF late night raiders, come join us!