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Hey all, first off let me start if i’m in the wrong section of the forums, sorry for that.

To continue…
I am looking for a guild, one that does raiding and m+ and gets into some pvp would be fine with me too, I just enjoy the game and I like to try out different ways to play but my favorite has always been PvE side of things. I haven’t played much since WotLK I just got back into it at start of BFA and since then I’ve mained a paladin (mostly prot but I have played all 3 specs and ret would be my OS and holy being a somewhat distant 3rd) i’m AOTC uldir and I think 2/9 M ? all from pugging and ive found myself pugging again in season 2 but i’m looking for a guild to settle down with. My alt is a Disc/Spriest 391 ilvl I know that class pretty well since I actually leveled it instead of boosting my first that came with expansion (paladin)

Now to get to my playtimes:
Unfortunately I don’t have a set schedule every week, its more like a set schedule every 3 weeks…so for instance this whole week I was on M, T F, Sat (today) Sun next week (week 2) i’ll be on W, Th, then the following week (week 3) if I log on at all it’ll probably be only for dailies, emissaries and leveling alts then week 1 comes back around (M, T, F, Sat, Sun) im not looking to be a part of the progression team or anything like that cause of my schedule but I just want a guild that will allow me in on runs when I am online (of course if there is room available)

Please reach out to me if i’d fit in to any guilds!

Sorry for the long post lol

Hey there,

We’re looking for players who want to join a hilarious, non-toxic, friendly group of adult players who don’t do drama, rudeness, or tearing down others. Our guild is very diverse and LGBTQ friendly. Raid nights are Thursday and Sunday with first pull at 8pm EST (group assembly, trash, grab-assing starts at 7:40 or so).

Our guild is structured as a “mid-core” guild, focused on achieving AOTC at our own pace. We always get it. We’re currently 3/9 H. Our current need is mostly for dps, but never hurts to have a backup tank as well.

We’re also completely flexible with accommodating people’s schedules. Show up whenever you can!

If you’re interested, you can reach out to me: darkarches#1556

<Alliance Lives Matter> Connected Realms- Scilla, Zuluhed, Andorhal and Ursin$$

Currently 7/9M, 9/9H BoD, 8/8M Uldir [ce] , 11/11M Antorus [cutting edge]. We are #1 Alliance on our server group.


Recruitment Needs for Mythic: (Transfer Required) 1 tank (no DH/bear/prot pal) , 1 priest or shaman, 1 ranged dps. 1 dps with strong tank off spec, prefer ww/bm. Potentially 1 stud melee player. Anyone talented regardless of class/spec will be considered. Do not be shy to apply even if you are not one of our high priority classes.

We also recruit normal and heroic only raiders for our normal and heroic raids. We have many awesome less hardcore players that join us for heroic and normal to learn from our mythic raiders. This is a very active and growing guild. Our raiders do not just log on to raid and than disappear.

Guild Goals: To full clear mythic BoD in a timely competitive fashion (US 250 Minimum) [COMPLETED; cut our US ranking in HALF] and all future mythic raid tiers going forward in a quick and competitive manner. We set our goals and then we do what it takes to meet them. We do meet our goals. Period. We started antorus 6 months late and burned our way through cutting edge Antorus. This IS a cutting edge raiding guild with structure and organization.

Raid Schedule
[Mythic] Thursday 8:30pm-10:30pm cst
[Mythic] Sat/Sun 3:30-7:30 pm central.
[Heroic] Tuesday is our heroic night for our mythic raiders/sales run 8:30 central to 11:00pm. This run is optional but highly recommended for gear sharing.
[Heroic] Wednesday- Open to our heroic team raiders, mythic raiders, and mythic raider alts. run 8:30 central to 11:00. This team full clears heroic easily as well.
[Normal] Friday open to anyone 8:30 central to 10:00.

We push people to get 1 heroic clear and 1 mythic 10 plus a week done. This is * required for our mythic raiders. As long as there is forging in the game people should be fishing for titanforges.

More about the guild: We do it all, we aren’t just raiders. We are extremely active guild, the most active on the server, and more active than most servers/guilds. Our people do not just log on for raids once or twice a week. Our average age range is 28-35. We enjoy PvP- arenas, rbgs, bgs, wpvp, Mythic+, achievements. We have a very laid back but like to get stuff done kind of atmosphere when it is not raid time. When it is raid time, we get focused and serious and competitive in a non toxic results oriented manner. Very active and supportive guild filled with awesome human beings. Our raiders are competitive players always striving to better themselves. Flasks and feasts and vantus runes are provided for all progression raiding. We constantly analyze logs and push for improvement. We do not settle for mediocrity in any of our members so by being a part of this guild you will become a better player and person. This is just a small taste of our guild. Please contact an officer to have any questions or concerns addressed.

If you’re interested in raiding with us or would just like to join the guild feel free to contact Nebulaphobia, our recruitment officer.

BTag: Ashe#1789

Discord: Ashie#6243

In Game: Nebulaphobia-Scilla

Hello, ‘Call of Booty’ (Area52) is looking for Any Ranged DPS, And one good off tank. - To get our Raid group off the Ground. We also Push High Keys Weekly. As well as some PVP thrown in. ~GM MENN
Discord: MENN#2564
Btag: BIgmacmacdad#1704

Looking for a few to flesh out our raid group.
Are you tired of raid leaders screaming at you? Other guilds tell you that your ilvl is too low to raid? Are you tired of being left in Boralus Harbor just because you missed last weeks raid? Do you just want to take out some heroic raid bosses while maintaining a social life? Then come on over to . We are a semi-casual guild that want to get things done. We are currently 6/9N and 2/9H and looking for a few more raiders to help up push further. Flasks and food are provided by the guild… oh and repairs too. We want a few dedicated players that want to grow and learn along with us.

Our Current raid schedule:

Thursday 8pm - 10:30pm-ish EST

Sunday 8pm - 10pm EST

We are currently looking for:

2-3 Ranged DPS

1-2 Melee DPS (an off tank spec would be awesome)

1-2 Healers (Druids… we love you)

1 Priest

Hey Jambo :star_struck:. You aren’t in the wrong section. The forums are a pain in the butt. You would think they would’ve gotten a little more organized with a new set up but nope…however you did post in the correct place. I could always use a tank for m+ with a back up heals/ranged dps for raids when you’re available, and of course there are the throw together normal runs we do, world pvp, farming, hanging out, just the all around having fun stuff. We’re a raiders/raiders friends only guild but super active given that we’re smaller. I recruit on personality as well as ability which makes me able to honestly say we’re drama free and all friends. I’ll toss our copy paste info down below, if we sound interesting feel free to add me for a chat!

Prestige WorldWide (Area52)

We are an all adult 9/9N 5/9H BOD guild, but whats more than that is we are a group of friends. We raid together, we push keys together, we take care of our weekly islands together, run old content together, and play other games together. We joke around in discord. And have fun playing the game. We openly welcome anyone that wishes to join us into this environment, including them in all we do, and need more!

9pm-12am eastern time

We’re in need of
{DPS}1 Mage & 1 Shaman (Resto a big plus)

If you aren’t on that list don’t worry, our bouncers take tips, so hit up btag or discord anyway we’ll see what we can do:heart:

Btag: Sataraa#1236
Discord: Sataraa#6900

Hiya Jambo!

We do not have a regular raid schedule, but our M+ activity may be great for your erratic availability!!

We are a friendly, social community that runs Horde + Alliance.
We run keys often and have segmented channels for different levels of play - whether you’re looking for a low weekly chest or pushing 10, 15+!

Be sure to enable the chat channels you’re interested in in-game!
Post when you’re looking or simply reply when others are.

Add me to chat/discuss ideas or join right away:

Hello there, we are recruiting and it’s okay if you may not be able to make certain raid times:

Lint Roll My Carpet | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Saturday and Sunday, 1-3 am CST (Friday/Saturday 11 pm - 1 am PST)


Guild Master: Fiege
BNET: Fiege#1567

Would you be willing to faction and server change? :smiley: Our alliance guild raids sat and sun at noon server ( 3pm eastern) for 3 hours we are not hardcore or too casual we are a healthy in between, hit me up if you wanna chat. Seinneka#1436 Happy Gaming :slight_smile:

Hey Jambo!

I thiunk we could work! Check out our post and let me know what you think :slight_smile:

It’s time to start realizing that every guild does not have to be a stressful one - there are so many things to do in the game, let’s enjoy it!


  • Make your own schedule Life First, Games After
  • Normal/Heroic Raid Team (took a step back from mythic in favor of flex raiding/less stress)
  • Start having fun while raiding!
  • Always get our AotC
  • 4+ years of raiding as a guild thanks to solid core.
  • If you break - we’ll be here when you get back!


  • Non-Raiders also welcome!
  • Mog Peeps - Travel with us into old content and let’s expand those closets!
  • Achievements - Nothing like knocking these out for bragging rights or mounts!
  • Mythic Plus - Mythic + rank in discord – Running Tues/Fri/Sat/Sun based on when people are available & use our discord ping to make it happen

Bloodwall is a semi-casual/hardcore guild meaning we are very understanding in schedule, learning, atmosphere is laid-back and fun but we do take raiding serious and make sure to get our AotC every content. Some nights will be wipe nights where we might not get a boss down but the difference is we still have a good time working on the boss, no stress. Wiping is part of the path to AotC so we want to learn our fights as a group and for our members to constantly grow in their classes.

Raid times are as follows:
Wednesday 8-11pm EST (Farm & Progression)
Thursday 8-11pm EST (Progression)
Monday 8-11pm EST (Progression)

Note: 8-8:30 invites, 1st pull at 8:30.

(Flexible arrival departure times if you have something going on - no problem at all, just give us notice ahead of time)

Talk with you soon!

:+: Foxcee :+:
Discord: Foxcee#5220
Btag: Foxcee#1770

Hi there! We are alliance so if that works for you check us out! Our Friday heroic team is relatively casual and can accommodate weird schedules.

Constant Insanity is a MORNING raiding guild based on Sargeras Alliance side with multiple raid teams for different levels of player. We are a relaxed group of adults and most of our raiders either work alpha shift or live overseas. We spend a lot of time pushing M+ keys together on off days and after raids and have a decent amount of people with high io scores. We also run pug raids multiple times per week and do achievements together.

Regarding recruiting, while we have a “wish list” of classes, a good player with a positive attitude is worth more than a specific class. If you are interested, feel free to look us up on discord or add to BNET even if you don’t see your class/spec listed below!


Current BoD progression:

Raid days:
Weds 8-11am CST
Thurs 8-11am CST

Discord: kalanii#9911 (lowercase)
Bnet: Kalanii#1116

Current Needs
1-2 exceptional DPS (will consider any class)
1 healer (disc priest or holy pally preferred)


Current BoD progression:

Raid day:
Fri 8a-11a CST

Current Needs:
Any class is welcome to apply!

Bnet: Vondem#1766

 <Goonies Never Say wipe> 

On Zuljin US

Hey I’d love to talk to you about possibly going Ret for raid but maintaining protection for mythic plus and raid when needed in our heroic raid group we raid one day a week on Sunday nights from 6 to 10 EST Saturday night optional normal / alt clears we are 9/9 Normal and 6/9 heroic we always get Aotc we run mythic plus 10 and higher keys daily here my battle tag Mako#1649 hope to hear from you