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These raid times will not work for me, thanks for the offer.

neither will these times, thanks

Name: Alpha AF
Server: Thrall
Faction: Horde
Progress: 4/8M Ep 9/9M BOD
Times: 8-12 EST - Tues/Wed
⦁ Warlock
⦁ Mage
⦁ Disc/Shadow Priest
⦁ Elemental Shaman
⦁ Rogue
⦁ Any Strong Player with logs/links
Requirements: 400+ Item Level and a decent level on your neck, as well as experience in this current expansions. Previous expansion achievements are a plus.
If you are a great player looking for a relaxed schedule with a former US-100 guild we might be the right fit. We sell tons of M+, push keys, and pvp in free time.
Contact me @ AwetosisTTV#1372 on bnet or Awe#6997 on discord

Dirty Horde of Sivermoon-US is looking for one to two more to round out our mythic team. we are currently 8/8 heroic, top horde guild on server and raid Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9-11 PMPST. add me on Discord if you have any questions!

Greetings Ximu!

Let me tell you about my guild! We recently got AoTC this past week but had already achieved 2/8M. Now that we have AoTC under our belt we want to hit Mythic and get some good progress, however in order to do that we need more dedicated people.

About us: We’re friendly. We are drama free. We have a relaxed atmosphere full of jokes and laughter but also put on our serious hats for boss fights when needed.

I saw you preferred weekend raiding however thought I’d try to sell you on our raid times of Tues/Weds 7-10 EST. We’re an awesome guild and depending on your schedule might be worth the weekday effort.

If this sounds interesting to you please take a look at our official recruitment post and drop an officer a message.

Those are times I could work with. I can add an officer when im off work. We can chat.

Hey there, im from a guild on malganis called absolute and we have immediate dps spots open. we raid tues/wed 7-10est hopefully that may work for ya!

Discord- Olysian#5213
Bnet- lyssa#1156

We are on the lookout for a good mage. 4/8M team, raid times are Tue/Thur from 8 - 11 EST. Feel free to add my btag if you are interested - Conzeula#1172

Flipside Kings Is a mythic raiding guild with 10 years of experience and years of play time as a solid group. We thrive on being progression oriented but having a great time doing it as a team.
Our group is much more than a raid team; playing other games together, running m+, pvp, alt raids, and generally just hanging out are part of what make this home.

Current Progression: 4/8M

Looking for DPS.
Our Server cluster: Eredar/Gorefiend/Wildhammer/Spinebreaker

3 nights a week: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11pm EST,

Contact me battle.net(Carter34#11844) or in game (Wiz-Eredar) with any questions! [Can also be reached on Discord @ Wiz#8039],

Hey Ximu,

Sounds like we’re pretty close to what you’re looking for over in <Esper>. Our progression and off-night availability sounds right up your alley. And even though we’re a weeknight raiding guild, it’s just a one-night commitment. Raiding with us is also compatible with raiding on another toon during weekends.

I’ve added you on Discord. Here’s the spam. Look forward to chatting!

Main Raid: Wednesday 8:30PM-11:30PM EST

Optional Off Night/Overflow: Tuesday 8:30PM-11:30PM EST

Progression: 3/8M EP (5/9M BoD) | Core playerbase is 1300-2000 io in M+, with some outliers even higher

Server: US-Thrall High Pop PVE

Faction: Horde

About Us: We’re mostly adult professionals who value high-end raiding on an extremely limited raiding schedule. We’ve been there, done that on the hardcore scene (most recently, 33 Mythic bosses down in Legion) and now we’re more interested in balancing gaming and – you know, life. Many of us have played together for years in different raiding circles.

Recruiting Needs:
Warlock, Shadow Priest, Mage, Hunter
All strong players considered :slight_smile:

Bnet: Palewind#1990
Apply: bit.ly/EsperWow
Discord: Palewind#9372

Hey Ximu!

JOGK on Thrall is 3/8M in need of replacing some players lost to Classic. I’d love to chat. You can contact me using the info below. We’re a guild that’s part of a larger general gaming community that has many active and social members for just about anything you’re looking for. We have people on at all times of the day/night running keys and socializing. Here’s a little more info about us:

Raid Days/Times: Tu/Sun 8:30-11:30 EST (6 hours)
Current Progression: 3/8M
Recruitment Contacts: Zambistical#6438 (discord) / Zambistical#11130 (btag)
Application: (use chrome or the guilded app) //http://www.guilded.gg/r/AdARm90emR?i=v4D6MOqm
WoWProgress: //https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/thrall/JOKG
Warcraftlogs: //https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guild/us/thrall/jokg

Thanks for your time,

Hey there!

We are a horde guild 3/8M EP. Raid times TUE-WED 915-1215 EST. I have sent you a FR on Disc … busy/active guild. THUR alt/heroic same time FRI/SUN RBGs, SAT alternate game night, MON M+ and always people on busy running things together as a guild. We have contests and MDI comp., streaming sponsorship, etc. Lets chat more


Hey there, we might be a good fit for you if a weekday isn’t a problem. We raid Weds/Sun 8-11 est on Area 52.

We’re looking to grow our M+ community as well as a couple more people to round out our roster and push further mythic raids in a laid back manner(get as far as we can but no stressin it). We’re all mostly older raiders who understand life happens. We do tmog runs when there’s interest and m+s regularly throughout the week.

CD is a progression-oriented guild that’s been around for 13 years and recently moved to Area 52 from the Eonar server. We pride ourselves on only playing with people we actually enjoy spending time with(no toxicity or drama) and are currently looking for mature players to bolster our roster. We are currently 9/9 Heroic and 3/9 Mythic BOD 2/2 H CoS. We’re 8/8N 8/8H EP 3/8 M. We plan to push into mythic and get as far as we can. We also have a strong Mythic+ community.

Our main raid nights are Wednesdays and Sundays 8-11PM EST. We also frequently do a Friday Night Normal fun/alt raid and M+ runs on most non-raid nights.

Discord: Begz(Begzilla,Dannifae,Chibi)#1795

Hit up Begzilla(Chibi#1952), Slowthar(Cretia#11550), Daishii(lokiashaman#1399) or Moruba/Andoras(Dolgare#1940) for more info and to do some runs and get to know us.

Illidan[H] REWIND 9/9M 4/8M 2 days guild

We are recruiting for mythic raiding. Currently 9/9M 4/8M 8/8H.

Raid time

Tuesday/Wednesday 7PM to 10PM CST (Need to be online 15 minutes before raid).


website : rewindguild(dot)me

Shdwphnx : Battletag Shdwphnx#1623.

Nietto : Battletag Mat#11420

Rawrlax : Snoarlax#1646

Asagami : Battletag Sasha#12635.

You can apply on the website, and if you have any questions feel free to add us on btag.

[H] The Renaissance - Thrall

Looking for exceptional recruits. Mythic experience highly preferred. Also looking for community members who want to participate in Mythic +, weekend heroic raids/alt raids, and other activities with guildies.

About the Guild:

The Renaissance is a guild on Thrall (US) Horde. We’re a guild of adult raiders who like to raid twice a week. We have a positive environment where members help each other and are willing to accept constructive criticism. Personal responsibility for understanding/following mechanics and continuous improvement are expected.

Our philosophy on raiding is to progress in a fun environment where everyone can enjoy each other’s company. We rarely may extend raid times for 30mins if we’re close to progress. We will not add extra days or EXPECT raiders to maintain multiple geared alts.

We’re looking for skilled recruits who have the same goals and mindset that we do. If you are a player who raids strictly for personal progression and gear this is not the guild for you. If you are looking to evaluate your gameplay, constantly strive to improve, unafraid to ask questions, want to work as a team, and have a willingness to learn then this is the place for you.

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday/Thursday 8pm-11pm Server (EST)

8/8 H EP, 3/8 M EP


All DPS considered!

All exceptional players. We will evaluate all applications, Mythic experience and applicants with provided logs will be given preference.

Minimum requirements:

Item Level: 420

Neck Level: 55

Mythic experience strongly preferred, but not required.


You can contact us via discord or bnet for more information or to apply:

Massias(GM) - Bnet: xdhtf#1400, Discord:Massias#6547
Moogrimm - Bnet: Shecter#1336, Discord: Moogrimm#3590
Heedlessone - Bnet: Sunofnothing#1873, Discord: Sunofnothing#3454

Hi there we have an immediate spot for a fire mage please take a look at this big ol’ wall o’ spam and get back to us if you like what you see =)

RoadRunners - 8/8M Uldir - 8/9M BFD - 4/8M EP

About our Guild:

Roadrunners formed at the start of Wrath and is one of the oldest guilds on kil’jaeden. Raiding on a short schedule(t/w/t 8-11pst), we are able to stay competitive by making effective use of our raid time. Loot is handled fairly with a loot council. We aim for a raiding roster of 25 players who are able to maintain a high level of play and attendance. We are looking for progression minded players who want to raid on a shorter schedule and achieve cutting edge every tier!

Our Raiders:

Roadrunners is full of mature players who love to play WoW. They have a great understanding of the game/class mechanics and are always willing to help new recruits out. Active alts are always encouraged and we even have a few alt raids that run every week. Many of our players are very avid gamers and play other games together outside of raid as well as m+!

About our Server:

Kil’jaeden has been around since Vanilla and has always been a high population server. The server is always busy with an active trade chat and auction house. Pug groups for raids and rbgs are constantly forming.

Apply with Roadrunner-Kil’Jaeden via our guild website


Trial Expectations:

If you are accepted for trial you are expected to be in guild and ready to raid by the next reset. We provide a guild cauldron and feasts however if you need other stat food that is your responsibility. Trial periods typically last 2-4 weeks, during which you will receive plenty of raid time so that your play can be evaluated. We expect you have a working mic and are able to communicate clearly should something happen during an encounter. Being able to take constructive criticism is a must. We are looking for progression minded players who want to raid on a shorter schedule. Class knowledge and prior raid experience is a huge plus.


If you have any questions about joining our guild, feel free to pop on over to our server and ask. Our guild members and officers are always happy to speak to you. Thank you for taking your time to consider our guild

Contacts: Uruu#1882(latenight), Missbehavin#1157, Discord Pandasarus#9052 (daytime/latenight)

Hey there - I’m an officer in Taste My Axe and we’re looking for a mage right now for Mythic progression. Please add me on bnet (thedude#1329) or discord (Kermit#2320) to discuss further if you’re interested. Thank you.

Taste My Axe

Faction: Horde
Server: Bleeding Hollow
Raid Nights : Tuesday & Thursday @ 9:00PM - 11:30PM Eastern
Current Progression: 3/8M / 8/8H
Contact: thedude#1329, chazo#1701

Hi Ximu, my guild is in immediate need of a mage. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 7-10pm PST. Currently we are 8/8H EP and looking to progress into mythic. On our offnights our guildies are very active doing keys, pvp, achievements, classic, etc. Here is the link to our recruitment post with all of our info < LökTar >[H] 8/8H EP, 1/9M, 9/9H BoD, 2/2H COS LFM

Feel free to add me to chat further Galorina#1877

[H] Autonomy - Spinebreaker
Raid times - Tues/Wed 730pm pst - 930pm pst
Progression - 2/8M 8/8H 8/8N
Getting ready for mythic! LF DPS Warrior/DH/Heals
All of our raiders have the same vision in progression we get work done within our 2 hour raid window.
We are a friendly casual guild. Stress/drama free environment. No loot qqers/big egos or favoritism here.
We run keys/alt runs through out the week!
We have an off-realm community of over 100 players.
We have a 30man Saturday 730pm pst -1030pm. That is 8/8N 7/8H which is considered our alt/casual raider run.
Please be able to make Tues/Wed raid times if you plan on raiding with us.

8/8H 2 hour clear.

Need for mythic raiding
1 Mage
1 Warrior
Always looking for Quality raiders that don’t bring in big egos/qq.

Msg me
Bnet Thiz#11864
Disc Thiz#7444

Zul’jin Horde US

<Freedom Delivery Crew> is looking to add more raiders for mythic progression. We’re a casual mythic guild that aims to get CE every tier. Our raid environment is very relaxed and we are willing to give everyone a chance to prove themselves.

Core spots are available.

Raid Days & Times:

Tuesday 8:30 - 11:30 ET
Wednesday 8:30 - 11:30 ET

If interested contact Mike#111930 on BNET or Strider#2489 discord.

Hello, we are recruiting:

Lint Roll My Carpet | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Saturday and Sunday, 1:00am-3:30am CST