[H] 2 Players LF weekend raiding guild

Coming back after a long break but have no problem gearing up to 400+ ilvl very fast and self sufficient. We both have a ton of classes at 120 and can fill most roles. I have no problem tanking but prefer healing, dps is fine too. We have both been raiding for years i started in classic she started in Wrath. For BFA raid exp we have done 8/8h Uld and 3/8M but we stopped playing right before BoD came out.

LF an active guild during the week for M+ here and there and Raids on the weekend. Friday night to Monday night really. I drive for ups so its like 5 12 hr days so its gotta start a little later like 8-9 pst. We have no problem xfering toons over but would like to test the water first before we xfer. Both have almost every class at 120 and have no problem playing them.

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Hello, we are recruiting and looking for dps:

Lint Roll My Carpet | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Saturday and Sunday, 1:00am-3:30am CST


Hey Bru,

I hope we match the atmosphere, raid times and progression you are looking. We are a chill long standing guild with low turnover rate that’s in need of caster dps. We are a mythic guild and you can see our past progression on logs since we started the guild. We push into middle mythics and this tier shooting for 7/8M. Our raid times are Saturday 11am-2pm, 3-6pm CST. We raid two 3 hours raids with an hour break.

Hopefully we hear back from you.

Thank you