[H] Inverse Logic - Thrall (1/10M 9/10H) Recruiting For SoD

[Inverse Logic] 1/10M 9/10H SoD 4/10M CN** is a tight-knit, semi-hardcore mythic raid guild that focuses on finding a balance between good progression and flexible adult schedules.

We offer an inclusive, non-toxic environment with an active Discord, alt runs, and Monday night M+ for those who would otherwise miss out on a 15 in the vault. We are committed to maintaining an equally laid back and competitive atmosphere, where you can enjoy an after-work beer with friends and still clear some content! We are semi-hardcore, meaning we will expect you to play to the best of your ability and be continually working to master your class. We also understand that real life comes first. We are a team of parents, working professionals, and students who understand that sometimes you’re just going to miss the raid. We will work with you if something comes up or your schedule changes–as long as you communicate!

At this time, our goal is to achieve AOTC and semi-casually pursue CE each tier.

Raid times are Tues & Thurs 8p - 11p Eastern.

** We are actively recruiting:


  • Currently full


  • 1 healer that can flex dps OS


  • DK - Medium
  • Enhancement Shaman - Medium
  • WW Monk - High


  • Warlock - High
  • Shadow Priest - High
  • Boomkin - High
  • Mage - High

Social applicants do not need to be any specific class or spec! If you appreciate the environment we’ve established and think you would enjoy your time in our guild, you’re more than welcome to get in touch.

What we offer:

  • Flasks, food, and repairs for raid night.
  • Constructive feedback inside and outside of raid.
  • Guild Mythic+ every Monday at 8pm server.
  • Laid back, adult environment.
  • An active Discord community.
  • A family of players who love playing with each other!

What we’re looking for:

  • Players with current or previous AOTC experience.
  • Performance-minded players who will work on their play outside of raid.
  • Team players who enjoy working with others.
  • Players who would enjoy a semi-hardcore approach to progression.
  • Players who have are at least 226 ilvl with appropriate enchantments, and have crafted a level four or higher legendary.

We are open to merging with a smaller team of similar progression to field a stable, semi-casual mythic progression team.

Btag - Doctersauce#1397 - GM (me), Blyss#1722 (Recruitment Officer)
Discord - Doctersauce#4910 - GM (me), Blyss#1722 (Recruitment Officer)

Bumping for a holy pally and some dps

Still looking

Still looking for a healer

Bump still looking.

High need for holy priest or r shaman

Looking for any strong dps (mage high prio)

Bump for any stong dps to start mythic prog

Still need a mage

Bump for a holy pally and a mage

Looking for ranged friends

Still looking for ranged

Xrealm mythic available next week!

Bump, still looking

2/10M looking for a mage

Still looking

Bump for a mage

Looking for a mage and some ranged with Healer OS for core spots

Bump still looking

Still need a mage

Bumping for 3/10M