I dont like developer silence

In OW’s case, I highly agree.


Well sort of, actually not really at all.

It only shows backstory. So far, the story hasn’t moved at all, and we are still waiting for our heroes to come back together.

Been waiting since 2016

Though the archives event does add great lore👌

It just doesn’t push it forward😭


Obligatory reminder that OWL isnt actually the spawn of satan and isn’t delaying anything. The game has had the same update schedule since launch, anyone saying it’s OWL’s fault is just trying to scapegoat their pre-existing annoyances on something they don’t personally enjoy.

As for why the devs don’t talk to us, it’s because we pretty much taught them not to. Every time they try, that comment is blown out of proportion, taken out of context, or even outright ignored. Hell, even nowadays you have Mercy mains demanding a response about her, while at the same time outright admitting that if it’s not the response they want, they’ll just ignore it and continue campaigning for their personal vision.

People don’t care for what the devs have to say, they just want to hear that they’re right, so the devs don’t even bother trying anymore.


OWL could have worked…if it came naturally. OW in general had everything to become a great ESport and already showed that there was an audience ready to just watch.

If they could have just waited.

But hey at least there’s the Archive event to look forward to.


Yes. Fully agree with that.

They just had to wait. The ppl by themselves would have started begging for it when the moment has come and everyone is in love with having a solid and finished game.


Hey… sorry!

We don’t like being silent… that’s not our intention. we’ve been trying to show up more on various streams (we have our creator’s residency now here at Blizzard where streamers hang out with us) plus we did a bunch of streams at Blizzcon. maybe you missed those?

We’re also in a bit of a “head’s down” mode trying to get a lot of work done. we also had a few people traveling over the thanksgiving holiday (we’re based in the US) and took advantage of the slow week to allow developers to work on whatever they wanted. the end result was pretty cool. we explored new game modes, new features and new engine tech. it was all really rough but some of the prototypes will actually turn into features someday.

I guess, mostly, we don’t have a big newsworthy thing to announce or talk about right now so we’re more focused on “getting stuff done” rather than anything else.

Roughly, this is a sample of some of what we’re working on:

–top secret stuff i’m not allowed to talk about
–hero balance (i actually think we’re in a better spot than these forums will have you believe)
–quality of life features (UI updates etc)
–new hero prototyping and development
–new game mode prototyping (don’t expect to see these soon)
–feature development
–ongoing event support (skins etc.)
–more top secret stuff i’m not allowed to talk about
–top secret stuff i’m not supposed to talk about


Make Emily playable or make Tracer have a battlefield romance with a playable character you nerd


I don’t blame them for avoiding the forums, it’s so toxic and mean.

If you looked at the top threads right now there’d only be a few positive ones, but even those are riddled with negative comments because we can’t have nice things on here

All that aside, they do developer updates and just did a livestream… they aren’t silent


I really hope this top secret stuff is worth it, it’s hard to keep faith with how rocky and quiet things are.

It’s been very upsetting the past few months with the state of things not limited to just balance changes I strongly disagree with but worse yet with the endorsement of very toxic individuals who have gone on record to tell other people to harm themselves among other issues.

It’s becoming harder and harder to stay, I sincerely hope these secret changes are big enough to turn things around. Because as things are going, we’re going for an elitist smurf filled strictly meta following hate mob.


Hey Jeff, how do you like this post I made?

I worked really hard and I want you to look at it as it took me about a day to make


Please, talk about it!


But there are always things that can be said that is not not top secret Hush Hush that requires Level SSS Clearance with Retina and Biometric and DNA scans.

  • Like interesting ideas the community have provided you read about.
  • Opinions on state of Heroes who have had low pickrates for 2 years like Symmetera and Bastion, Torbjorn.
  • Is there a secret 3rd love child in the Hanamura clan that was exiled that Hanzo and Genji don’t know about.
  • Does Zenyatta hate walking because he feels its beneath him?

–top secret stuff i’m not allowed to talk about
–more top secret stuff i’m not allowed to talk about
–top secret stuff i’m not supposed to talk about

After carefully analysing this I think I’ve cracked the code and figured out what this is and it can only mean one thing.

…there will be top secret stuff in the future that Blizzard aren’t supposed to talk about now. :thinking:


Dang…that’s a lot of stuff you’re not allowed to talk about.

We shall eagerly await it though. Um…is there anything you can talk about at this moment?

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I like it how a simplistic topic like this got their attention


I hope this top secret stuff is revealing who will have to wash up all the dishes after Christmas dinner.

And who will be cooking it? I don’t trust Roadhog’s cooking skills.


bless you. thanks for answer.

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Probably because it wasn’t written to read as if it was created by a petulant 5 year old.


True. Too many posts are like this on the forums nowadays…

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Yep. People seem to forget that the devs are human beings, and that you catch more flies with honey over vinegar.