One day a week morning guild 9/10 H

Hey every one Thanks for Stoping in!!

        <Critically Dumb> 

We are an AOTC focused Guild on Zul’jin US Horde.

We are looking for like minded player all classes and specs welcome to push content in the new raid of Shadowlands in our Few weeks of one day raiding we have claimed 9/10 heroic with hopes of clearing in the next week or two

As of right now we have some permanent dps spots. We are also in need of people for mythic plus teams and RGB’s.

We are on a one day Raiding schedule. Saturday mornings at 9am EST to 1pm EST.

Yes we know this is early but We are Adults who enjoy getting the job done with out losing to much valuable family and day time so come raid time we expect a solid Get sh** done attitude. Don’t get me wrong we can be very immature and we very much enjoy laughing and joking When we just hanging out in disc and runing mythic +. But come raid time it’s game on.

So if this sounds like it could fit your lifestyle and your interested in joining the team hit me up or leave a message on this post or message any other officer in game My battle tag is Mako#1649 or message me on Discord at Sig#9905

Don’t be scare To come kill Pixels and collect lootS!

Listen to Shock and come get phat loots need Mages And Shadow Priests but all Welcomed!

Always looking for some fresh blood. Come be a part of the resurgence.

Are you looking for tanks currently?

Sorry post are getting messed up for some of reason but Currently we have two full time tanks but there is always the possibility send me a battle tag Mako#1649 and we can discuss it more

Yea what he said

I am really interested! I am adding you in game

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Awesome talking to you bud keep it coming everyone still need more Ranged dps

Come join the fun and crush BFA with solid people

You got to Bump it up (Flex)

Played with a bunch of these guys/Gals in legion great people all around good luck on recruiting guys!

I’ve been playing Hunter for about five years now. Currently 472 ilvl, 2.2k+ IO and 12/12H. Looking for an AoTC centered guild and also hoping to push keys as high as possible. Currently in the process of leveling an HPally which I intend to switch over and main but if you guys ever need a spare DPS, I am going to keep up with my hunter.

Still new to healing but hoping to find a community to push content with and learn as I go. If any of this interests you, I’m on your server. Shoot me a message/friend request on my disc or bnet.

Tag: D3STR0Y3R#11111
Disc: Dr__Drew#4509

Hey man absolutely add me on battle tag and we can talk more!

Hey guys any interest in a Shadow priest I need work but willing to learn

Hey Nuckinfuts great name definitely send me a in game message

Hey sig I raided with you back in Mop good to see you!

Hey magic good to see you to bud level up we need mages bro lol

Bumpy bump bump

Shut up wooting :kissing_heart: