[H] Zul’jin Brewmaster Lf mythic plus group

Lf group to run keys with let me know

Hey bud we on Zul’jin only have two tanks in the guild another one would great to push keys with we got people who do keys from 10’s to 20’s if you interested let me know Mako#1649 also here guild spam

Sounds like a deal man. Out of town rn won’t be back on until Friday though.

All good get at me when your back and we can invite and get the ball rolling

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Sounds like a plan! My io is decent

Mines junk but people in the guild have Decent io’s I’m more the get my key in for the week where there’s are like push push push

Hey there! New guild on zul’jin needing a tank for raid T/W/Th 9-30-11-30pm st

You gonna be doing mythic plus

Yes! We have a handful of people who wanna get very serious with M+