470+ BM Hunter OR UDK LF Guild

Recently took a break from WoW due to everything going on in the world. Had a falling out with my previous GM as well.

4/12M Exp. (Willing to sit raid tier until Shadowlands.
I had like a 1700 i.o. and that was mostly due to pugging.

Available from 5cst-10cst for raids.

We could use an unholy DK don’t know if our times work for you but we raid one day a week Saturday morning from 9am to 1pm est check it out

this is the hunter

Are you looking at going alliance at all?

wouldn’t be opposed to it.

< WHYPE > is a Two-day progression guild on Stormrage alliance. Formed by a group of friends who play competitive Overwatch. Our goal is to provide a competitive raid environment with a fun atmosphere. We also run high Mythic Plus keys daily, old raids, and even PvP. Our raid times are:

  • TUE 8-11 PM EST
  • WED 8-11 PM EST
  • THUR 8-11 PM EST(OPTIONAL) Progression extension or Farm clears.

We also run Heroic full-clears for alts on Thursdays and previous raids for transmog and mounts on Fridays at 8 PM EST.

Current Progression:
5/12M AOTC


Currently, we are in need of:

Tanks: LOW (Exceptional Pally or Monk)
Ranged DPS: MED (Lock, Mage, Spriest, Boomy)
Melee DPS: LOW (Warrior, DH, DK
Healers: LOW (Paladin, Priest, Hybrid w/ viable OS)

All exceptional players will be considered no matter class/spec
All applicants must be mythic ready, minimum AOTC, 470, 15 cloak.


From every applicant we expect:

  • Deep knowledge of their spec/class.
  • Preparedness for every raid.
  • High raid attendance. (80%+)
  • Communication with the team via Discord. (Working mic)
  • Ability to prove past performance. (Warcraft logs)
  • Respect towards members and leaders of the community!


If you are interested in joining us have a look at our Discord:

  • discord.gg/uMpNkCb

Guild Contacts:
Filthyphill (recruitment officer) discord = FilthySwiz#6087
Nyleran (GM) Vent1narc#21410 discord = Vent1narc#0001
Ronini (Vice GM) Discord = Ron#9026


Thank you for your time and interest.

Thank you for your time and interest.