473 BM Hunter RDPS / H Nylotha & M+


I am looking to procure a new guild regarding Raiding and Mythic Plus (Preferably keys greater than 10). My schedule is funky during the week (0400 - 1900 working hours), I would prefer to make raids on Friday - Sunday. Although I am flexible with timing depending on timezone. Currently in EST.

I have been raiding since Wrath pretty heavily, a few AoTC cheeves, and no other characters than my Hunter. I love this class and always looking to improve and take constructive criticism.

Hope we can link up and speak regarding the aforementioned.

Please feel free to add me on the following platforms:

Discord: Gunna#8136
Battle Net/RealID: Deerslayer#1741

Hi Gunna,

Retaliation is an alliance heroic progression guild that has been raiding and playing together in various games for over 10 years. We enjoy giving each other a hard time while still being successful.

Retaliation raids on Tuesday and Wednesday nights 8 PM to 10 PM ET. We use Discord for voice communication and go with a work hard play hard mentality. We also require a mythic+ to be completed each week to assist with progression. (We do these as a guild).

More details - AOTC Guild Recruiting - Come give each other crap with us!

Please if interested reach out to Isego#1586

Good morning Gunna,

The Peanuts is a brand new horde guild on Zul’jin lead by three friends looking to create a smaller Heroic raid team (2/3/10 or 2/4/9) for Friday and Saturday Nights at 6:45-8:45 CST/ 7:45-9:45 EST.

For what it’s worth, our GM has AoTC in almost every tier since Hell Fire Citadel, as well as regular mythic progress most tiers, and pushes 15+ keys every day. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/eonar/squishdad

Our goal is to form a community of people that want to log in to raid and push keys, not only because they like the content, but because they want to hang out and play the game in an environment that doesn’t punish them or discourage them from trying to push themselves to be better at the game, while trying harder content. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

What can you expect from raids?

  • All feedback is constructive -never personal- with the aim of making sure you’re getting the most out of your experience as a raider
  • Consistent, friendly, folks who enjoy being around one another
  • Patience as you learn (if you are learning) your new role in the raid group, or further develop as the role you’re used to

What do we expect from you?

  • That you show up on time
  • That you work on learning your rotations
  • That you put in the time to get the gear you need to come to raids prepared
  • That you extend the same courtesy and respect we show to you, to other raid members

Roles/Classes Needed
We have two tanks already, but one of us would be happy to DPS/Heal
Three/Four Healers
All DPS currently welcome

If The Peanuts sounds like an appealing place for you, or if you have any questions at all, please feel free to add any of our 3 officers for questions.

Solarbear#11881 (GM)
Tooserious#1827 (Officer)
Ghoulie#11114 (Raidleader/Officer)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this, and we hope you all stay safe and healthy!

LFM to join our guild . Our goal is to create an environment where EVERYONE can have fun, meet new friends, and raid in a laid back, yet competitive atmosphere. Our ultimate raiding goal is to create a core team this tier and clear CE next tier.
We are a Horde guild on Mal’Ganis.
Mythic + are always something we do when we are not raiding.
Currently 12/12 H… 4/12M…20% on hivemind
Heroic/Trial Runs are on Tuesday 7PM EST.
Raid times - Friday 8-11 PM EST.
- Saturday 7-10 PM EST.
PM me @ Derpin #1190.
Discord- Wyce#0556

Hey Gunna,
We’re actively clearing 12/12H with pugging to fill our ranks currently, and are looking for people who would like to join our core so we can stop pugging and focus on mythic clearing. We’re willing to help people learn bosses, and are very helpful to get people to where they need to be. Let me know if interested!

Laughing Coffin (LC) - Emerald Dream - is looking for members to fill out our heroic/mythic roster! We’re a guild that returned to the game back in May and have been pugging 12/12 heroic clears since. We’re looking to get some members to get our guild rolling back into the mythic raiding scene. Previously our guild has obtained AOTC every raid tier and have been consistently one of the first guilds to complete AOTC. We’re a community that plays other MMORPGs such as BDO, AA, Bless, ect. We have decided to return to WoW and stay with WoW for the foreseeable future. The guild does weekly full 12/12H clears and is looking for YOU to become part of our mythic push entry team! We’re a very chill group that honestly has the most fun during out failures, and we don’t give up. For instance, if you’re looking for a group that even on progression nighs, 31 wipes in, can still crack jokes and mess around, we’re that group. We welcome all, and the one thing we hate the most is cliques. Open community where anyone can come in and feel welcomes/mess around is what we’re all about.

Raid times:
Friday/Saturday 10PM EST – 1AM EST
Monday – Optional (only if needed) 10PM EST – 1AM EST

Level 80 HoA
Appropriate Corruptions, Azerite, and level 15 cape preferred
450+ Item Level for heroic
465+ Item Level for mythic
Make it to raid night

Spots Open:
Off Tank
Pumper DPS (Ranged + Melee)

Discord - Grieve#0001
Battlenet - Grievedps#1648

Hey there! We’re currently in need of ranged DPS and healers to push farther into Mythic! Check us out!

< Uplifted >
@ [H] US - Mal’ganis

Weekend Mythic Team Information:

We’re laid-back adults working together to kill the big bad video game bosses! We’re chill and like to have fun while learning from our mistakes during our 8 hour week! We’re currently building our new roster to progress into Mythic Ny’alotha and Shadowlands!

Raid Times:

  • Friday 8-11pm Central (9pm-12am Eastern)
  • Saturday 8-11pm Central (9pm-12am Eastern)

Kill Mythic bosses while having a good time with friends. Current progression: 3/12M.


  • AOTC or Mythic experience
  • Positive attitude
  • Weekly completions (ex: +15/Visions)
  • Good performance visible through logs


  • Healer (Monk/Priest pref)
  • Mage (High)
  • Warlock (High)
  • Hunter (High)
  • Shadow Priest
  • Balance Druid
  • Elemental Shaman

Interested?? Add us now!

lazycharlie#7651 (Discord)
J3WBOT#6945 (Discord)

P.S. Friendly socials are welcomed! :star_struck:

Hey bud I could use another hunter on our team we raid Saturday Morning At 9am est to 1pm est which seems like it might work for you Let me know what you think

let us know if we fit

Cupcakes and BDSM 12/12H AOTC is now recruiting to fill our raid slots on Thrall (Horde)

(Tanks, heals and ranged dps preferred but all are welcome)

Raid Times/Days: Wednesday/Thursday 10pm - 1am (EST)

Recruitment Contacts: Discord -




About us - Mature guild looking for anyone who wants to play the current content in a chill environment. We want to have fun getting to know each other, grow our community, make friends, while pushing the current content. Our goal is to build a community of tight knit guildies to build a foundation to push Mythic content in Shadowlands.

We run keys, old content, WQ together, we pretty much do everything the game offers and have fun. We also hold guild events for awards.

New and verteran players are welcome as well. We level, dungeon, help gear and just have fun. Any questions, feel free to send a PM.