Returning Player LF Guild

Hi there!

Finally returning after being initially disillusioned with BFA…yes, they pulled me back in :slight_smile:

Working my way up to max lvl and deciding what to main in prep for Shadowlands, open to filling needs of the guild. Been playing since Vanilla and typically main heals. Looking for a chill and fun group who is interested in more casual play, but still progressing through M+, raids, etc. Would prefer a smaller/medium sized guild that is tight, where I can get to know everyone. All my peeps I used to play with are long gone, and as others have posted, I’m just not enjoying the game as much as I used to when I had a solid core group to run with.

Currently have toons on Zul’jin and Korialstrasz (dead server), but willing to xfer for right fit. Again, also willing to fill roles as necessary. On west coast, typically active 10pm-2am PST. Cheers everyone!

btag: Cyclical#1972

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Elevated Guild

Raid times :

  • Heroic (Tues 6:30-8:30pm server time PST)

  • Mythic (Wed - 6:30-8:30pm Sat 7:00-9:00pm PST)

Current needs:

  • Range (Mage, warlock, hunter, spriest)

  • Heals (HPal, Priest)

  • Will also consider any player who is exceptional

Raider requirements:

  • Overall progression of knowledge at a reasonable pace

  • Mature, be able to handle constructive criticism

  • Discord (be able to listen at the least)

  • Preparedness (Repair, flasks, food, healing pots, prepots)

About us: We’re a chill group of people, who are looking into some serious progression into mythic. We currently made it to 4/12M and plan on pushing further. We have lots of fun outside of raiding such as pvp (RGB’s every sunday), mythic + content, and whatever else you might be into. Extremely helpful to anyone with a positive attitude and looking to be part of our group. Light banter is par for the course on guild chat and discord, so don’t be easily offended.

Message : Abazaba#1420 for more info!!!

Hey! My guild is recruiting.

Guild & Server: No Breaks - Thrall

Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday 7-10 PM EST. Currently clearing heroic on Tuesdays, optional achievement/previous tier mythic mount runs on Wednesdays.

Progression: 12/12 H Ny’alotha

Contacts: (Bnet) Elsie#11915 (Discord) Elsie#8605

[1] Healers, priest preferred but not required
[2] Ranged DPS
[3] Flex DPS with heal/tank OS

Requirements: A good transmog and a heart open to friendship! Discord is required for raid nights. Required addons are RC Loot Council and a boss mod (DBM or BigWigs).

If you are applying as a raider, you will be expected to have a reasonable understanding of your class and role. While casual players are welcome, please be at least 440 ilvl and have the legendary cloak if you are interested in coming to raid.

We’re a competent and friendly group of people who’ve been raiding together since WoD! Most of us are in our 20’s and 30’s (and beyond), with day jobs and obligations. We really strive for a laid back atmosphere without sacrificing progression. Currently looking to flesh out the roster for Shadowlands. We also have a dedicated M+ team that helps out those in need of gear. Message an officer for any questions or more information.

Guild of returning players here, we are looking for new players to build our player base for raiding. We are currently 11/12 on normal and will be heading into heroic very shortly (aiming to get AotC). We also run mythic dungeons and push keys to get people geared. We are on the smaller side, I like to keep it smaller, its easier to get to know everyone and people are not just a number. Right now we have 12 core raiders.
We are not looking to be a hardcore guild, as most of us have a life outside of wow and have kids. We play the game to have fun and meet people.
In need of a few more DPS and/or a few players who wouldn’t mind offspecing healer or tank.
Since its kind of late into this expansion we want to do at much as we can in preparation for Shadowlands.
We are a newer guild, but we have a solid group of players and a good foundation. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, hit me up on discord. I’m usually in most of the day.
We are located in CST. Raid times are 8:45pm and will go for about 2 hours. Day are Friday and Monday.
Realm is Gurubashi : ([H] casual raiding guild looking for more!)
discord: or Gameslave#4704
bnet: Morlanith#1757

Welcome back Kalythra!
We are an MMO gaming community that is in Classic WoW as well, but our Retail guild is fairly small at this point and everyone knows each other and hangs out. :slight_smile: We like to do the things you mentioned along with some random Tmog runs here and there.

Feel free to take a gander at our thread and please don’t hesitate if you have any questions for me about our guild. We would love to have you.

Hi there Kalythra!

Our Guild is on your server Zul’jin. We are always looking for more to join us for now & going into shadowlands.

I will share our recruitment post. Please take a look of you have time. We thank you, and we hope to hear from you soon.

might be a fit

Cupcakes and BDSM is now recruiting to fill our raid slots on Thrall (Horde)

(Tanks, heals and ranged dps preferred but all are welcome)

Raid Times/Days: Wednesday/Thursday 10pm - 1am (EST)

Recruitment Contacts: Discord -




About us - Mature guild looking for anyone who wants to play the current content in a chill environment. We want to have fun getting to know each other, grow our community, make friends, while pushing the current content. Our goal is to build a community of tight knit guildies to build a foundation to push Mythic content in Shadowlands.

We run keys, old content, WQ together, we pretty much do everything the game offers and have fun. We also hold guild events for awards.

New and verteran players are welcome as well. We level, dungeon, help gear and just have fun. Any questions, feel free to send a PM.

Hello Kalythra, We are on Zul’jin have any toons ready to raid mythic ?

[H] Zul’jin < Two Camels in a Tiny Car > Tues / Thurs 10:30pm - 1:30 am Est
Server: Zul’Jin Faction: Horde

We are currently looking for dedicated players to join our raiding guild/team. Our guild has members that have been together for over 7 years and our goal is to build a community within the guild where our members can feel at home and have those friendships. We are a group of people that enjoy playing the game with each other and focus on the current raiding content. We have a laid-back raid environment while also making sure we are focusing on taking down bosses. We also enjoy pushing mythic+ keys and want to include everyone that comes into our guild, regardless of what the content is.

Our current plan is to get everyone their AoTC, most of us have our AoTC achievement but there are a few returning raiders that do not. We plan on being a Heroic / Mythic raiding guild with the understanding that not everyone will want to move on to Mythic raiding and that’s okay we want you to play YOUR game in this guild.

Raid Times are set for Tuesday and Thursday ( 12/12 H , 2/ 12 M )
-7:30 PM - 10:30 PM PST
-9:30 PM - 12:30 AM CST
-10:30 PM - 1:30 AM EST


  • Currently looking for 1 melee dps and 2 range dps for our Core Mythic Team.
  • All players are welcome, whether experienced or just willing to learn and push their character
  • We are also asking for the more casual raider or player that might not have the time to devote to a raid team but would like to step in if needed and get a few bosses down and see the raiding content. We welcome the mythic + raider that enjoys that part of the game , we run two teams right now but we can do more. PvP as well and why not lets throw it all in, we need you PvP players as much as we need the PvE players.
    If you are interested in our guild please contact us either by Btag or Discord



We look forward to talking

Greetings! Virtually Impossible is an established late night guild that has been raiding together for over three expansions now. We focus on an adult friendly, socially active attitude that raids twice a week with an emphasis on clearing AOTC and Casual/Hardcore Mythic progression every content. We pride ourselves on community and that aspect has given us great success!

Need to know:
Returning players welcome!
PVPers welcome!
Casual/Hardcore raid environment focusing on Heroic & Mythic Progression.
Raid Days/Times:
Progression Raid - Tues & Wed 12-3am EST
Sunday Funday Alt Run - Sun 12-3am EST
Current progression: 12/12H moving into Mythic.
Raid Needs: 1 Tank, Resto Shaman with DPS offspec & any exceptional DPS.

If this sounds like a potential match please contact me personally
@ Aradne#11285(RealID) or Aradne#5473(Discord)

Hello, we are recruiting:

How Long On Brez | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Friday and Saturday, 11:00pm-1:30am PST

kvncnh#1922 [ Discord preferred: kvncnh#9847 ]

If you feel we’re at all a fit for you, we’d love to have you!

Order of Azeroth is an alliance guild that has created a steadily growing community with a focus on PVE. We have some fun characters for sure and a place for all types of gamers. Come chat with us in discord sometime!

US- Kel-Thuzad

We are expanding into more competitive content and as such are looking for raiders to push into Mythic Ny’alotha and prep for Shadowlands. We also do M+ dungeons practically daily. However, we welcome all players in this community so long as they follow our expectations.

Update: We are finalizing our second team for casual raiding and are recruiting all roles currently for this group.

Why join OA?
Being a new guild means the new members dictate the future of the guild. A sense of closer camaraderie exists in small scale guilds that doesn’t exist in large-scale guilds that new members essentially feel alienated from. We are not looking to get ‘large’ but are looking for enough members to maintain and create a growing community.

Raid Times:
The schedule for the semi-hardcore raid team is Tuesday/Thursday 7:00pm est - 10:00pm est.

Raid Progression
12/12 Normal Nya
12/12 Heroic Nya
1/12 Mythic Nya

Preferred Requirements:
Neck level 80
Addons: Weakauras, DBM
450 ilvl MINIMUM
Ability to be flexible
A good attitude!

Spots available:
We are in desperate need of Non-hunter Ranged DPS.

We expect our members to be mature but above all else remember that this is indeed a game. The ultimate goal is to have fun with each other. That being said, there is a time and a place for making jokes and sharing memes and another time for listening to the officers in a raid. The main expectation then is to know the difference. Have an open mind, respect each other, and have fun building a community.

How to apply?
Message Sèndra-Kel’Thuzad or listed officers, or join our discord channel to learn more about us.



Welcome back! < Oops on Norman > (Zul’jin) is a one night raid group (Sat. 8-11 est) that is looking to grow its roster to push into mythics (currently 12/12H).

Our core has played together since Cata and we are looking for likeminded players who want to raid with skilled players, but don’t have the time to commit to long raid hours.

Btag: Golad#1202 if you have any questions!

Hey, Kalythra,
I know your post has gotten some traffic over the last week, but if you’re still looking, I think we might be a good fit for what you’re looking for.
I’m Ettyn with Chain Reaction. We’re an Alliance Guild on Lightbringer that raids T/Th 7-9:30 pm PST, Normal and Heroic, currently AotC Ny’alotha. We’re looking to bring in a few more people who would enjoy raiding with us. We definitely have room for a healer (prefer monk or shaman, but open to talking about any healer.) We are also looking for any ranged dps if that interests you.
We are a smaller guild (like you had mentioned), established in 2009. We have achieved AotC every tier (except one) since Cataclysm. We also enjoy Mythic +, Islands, group Horrific Visions, old runs for achievements, etc.
I can see that you’re just getting back into the game and you aren’t alone–we’ve had several new recruits/returning players this expac in the same shoes. It’s a bit of a grind to get caught up, but if you’re willing to put in the time, we are willing to help! And in a few months, we’ll all be brand new to Shadowlands.
If you’re interested, feel free to hit me up on Battlenet, RowanBeth#1291. I’ve tossed you a btag friend request, and I could get you a discord invite if you’d like as well.
Good luck with your search!

small close knit group of peeps here. We do mythics/raids etc etc

Hey we might be a good fit for you and we are on Zul’jin check us out