Creating a New Guild

Sounds good to me.
Make the choice Guild Leader. :wink:

I will once i get home. Still at work and I will provide the details here.

Wyrmrest - Horde would be my vote or if we don’t want a RP server maybe Thrall. But if we go alliance I can roll with that as well.


I can dig Wyrmrest. Not sure what the difference is besides the community between RP and Normal now.

I have no clue either but its looking like Wyrmrest and right now the vote is split 50/50 alliance and horde, both willing to concede to the other.

As guild leader I am good with whatever… we need a 5th to tie break, (and also sign our charter)

We need a name…

You should all come to Zul’jin and raid with us :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

6am is not early! :joy:

It is when you have 2 under 2. :joy:

Interested. Watching. Perhaps I’ll join Sunday after my strings of 12H shifts at work.

Prefer Horde.

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I’m interested as well. I’m cool with either faction. Wanting an excuse to reroll a Paladin lol

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I don’t mind helping out with this. Horde or Alliance, either side works for me. Add me on Btag if this decision is still up. SaraFierce#1705

Any final choices? Looks like we have quite the group building up here.
I, for one, am stoked.

I’m interested! This is what I’m looking for :slight_smile: Btag Jerza#11194 I can be online in a couple hours

What’s your Tag? I’ll add you to the group chat.


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Anything new with this thread? We have a couple of people waiting for your response.

If this is still going on I’d be interested as well. I recently decided to start from scratch on a brand new account so don’t have much of anything unlocked so this would really be a fresh start for me. -Kulog#11872

Great to hear from everyone so far. I will be gathering Bnet IDs and PMing those who wish to join.
As of right now, it’s looking like Dunemaul- Horde will be our starting point.

Are you allowing new WoW members or only want experienced?

We will welcome all players. Just going into it, be aware that we won’t really be pressing hardcore. It’s more along the lines of casual structure in tandem with RL obligations.
Thehobo#1727 if you want to talk more.

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