[H][A] Returning Player, LF Guild

I’m 36 Former US Army, Looking for Guild. I am currently Horde on Stormrage, But I may be able to be convinced to go back to Alliance if the offer is good enough.

I am also fine with moving servers provided the population on it is high enough.


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Good morning Maltauran!

Our Guild is recruiting to prepare for the end of BFA & going into Shadowlands together! Our Guild has our raid nights on Friday/Saturday 7:30pm EST start time. We have mythic keystone groups on Mondays. We have a normal raid alt run on Thursdays.

I’m going to share our Guild recruitment post below. Please take a look when you have a moment. We thank you, and hope to hear from you soon!

Hey we’re on Bleeding-hollow which is a pretty high pop server. We’re raiding wed/thurs 730-1030. If interested add the btag buttercup#1858

Army vet we have east coast raid times on Malganis. Crow1530 is yah hit me up brother.

Welcome back! Several of us recently returned to form a team on Zul’jin. We are currently trying to push through Mythic Nya’lotha and get people CE/mounts before we finally plan out SL. We also recruit people just looking to do M+.

Schedule is T/W/Th 8pm-11pm EST but we plan to add two extra days just for the first two weeks of Mythic prog each tier to ensure we hit our rank (early kills are everything).

Sieara#1968 on btag or Sieara#6473 on discord

If that doesn’t sound like anything you’d be after, check out the recruitment discord: https://discord.gg/vN2sWsB where you can check for a guild based on a multitude of options (casual, ce, late night, weekend, etc).

Thanks for all the replies :smiley: Definitely reading them all.

Some more info and I’m not sure it’s relevant but I have literally been gone since wrath, I have no idea whats going on with the game anymore, and am definitely not geared for raids (I remember it used to take months to get geared).

So while I’d love to be raiding, I’m not sure if I would be any use or not in them.

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Hey there Mal,

I’m 38, spent 12 years in the Army as a 63/91B. I didn’t stay because three relatively back to back deployments from 2005-2010 were enough for me. Either way, welcome back to WoW!! We are starting up an Alliance guild on Dalaran, this a high pop server with a decent faction balance, although it is slightly alliance dominant. We are putting together an active community where every part of this awesome game will be accessible. We are largely after progressing content while it’s current and enjoying each other’s company while doing so. We are looking to re-progress the current tier, as we have a few returning players as well. Mythic plus(super fun take on dungeons that was implemented last xpac) and arena is also a big part of our activity outside of raid. No worries about the length of the break, we are here to help:) Have a look at our recruitment post below, my contact info is also below. Hope to talk with ya soon!

Bender#1870 - Bnet
Bender#1504 - Discord

Don’t worry, when we came back none of us had any idea. This is the worst catchup I’ve seen from this game.

  • Cloak + leveling cloak
  • Neck + leveling neck + getting essences + ranking up essences
  • Required dailies
  • Corruption

It’s so much to take in right now.

@Drbender I was a 19-D/27-D

That’s transition for sure (had to look up 27D lol)! I was good friends with a scout that reclassed as welder, great guy. Come to think of it, I’ve actually met quite a few combat arms folks that reclassed into the maintenance MOSs.

I got injured. It was either take a desk job or leave. And my Asvab scores were in the top 3% so it was either gonna be counter Intel / Intel or that, and I wasn’t really planing on spending another several terms as CI. Although in hindsight maybe I should have. Didn’t realize the proverbial crap would literally hit the fan, at least not this quick.

Now I drive a truck, lol

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I was a wrecker operator off and on until shop foreman duties didn’t let me. I seriously considered moving into commercial tow trucking, as I’ve towed just about everything all over the world…not literally, but you know what I mean. Either way, life had its way and I’m riding a desk for the state these days. But yeah, crazy times. Hit me up, I’d like to chat with ya:)

Hey there!

Divine Minds is located on US Illidian Horde Side.

We are currently recruiting for our core mythic raid team.

We are 12/12H and with one night in mythic are 2/12M in just 3 weeks of raiding.

We raid two days a week - Wednesday and Friday 7PM-11PM EST.

Our highest needs are the following:

Ranged DPS - hunter, elemental shaman, balance Druid, mage

Healers - MW monk, holy/disc priest

Melee DPS - WW monk, Ret pally, rogue, enhancement shaman

We will always consider exceptional players as well, whatever your class may be.

Our goal is to always achieve AoTC and continue to progress as far into mythic content every tier with our ultimate goal being CE.

we continuously run Mythic plus’ to help gear each other on off nights.

Casuals and Newer players are welcome as well!

We have started to discuss a pvp team as well for off nights as an additional perk to joining our guild!

If a guild like this interests you, please add me at Defusionz#1271.

Hey bud first off Thank you for your Service! If Saturday’s morning might work for you check us us here’s the link