Two Flexible Players Previous CE/Endgame Content EXP

Hey! If you’re looking to read all of this, you can scroll to the bottom for a tldr to find out if you’re interested in us. Thanks! Otherwise, here we go!

Hi! So a buddy of mine returned and have immensely struggled to find a guild for SL/8.3. We attempted to start our own, but both of us are much to busy to deal with recruitment and starting everything ground up unfortunately. We both are extremely capable, and always looking to improve ourselves as well as do and play better. We both are also very open to playing whatever you are looking for. I specialize in Monks/Rogues/Warriors/DK, and have been playing a lot of shadow priest as well as Fire Mage lately. I used to raid and do mythic content on a monk, for the longest time, as well as I ran challenge modes competitively back in mists of pandaria as a BDK. In legion i pushed M+ as far as I could go, but my priorities last year were shifting away from gaming as things have popped up. But now I find myself with time to game, as well as time to put effort into pushing content. My buddy has a similar past as to me, except he started playing heavily in the beginning of legion, and pushed more mythic as Antorus came out, He raided i think halfway through until his guild fell apart and we both took a long break. He played resto shaman at the time, currently plays warrior, is playing a priest as a healer, and is open to just about any healer, or rdps as well as a warrior. He is soon to be graduated from college, we both work full time at the moment, and are looking for something to fill our time and love of WoW.

We are looking for late night raiding, starting at about 9:30mst, and raiding as late as 2-3am. We are looking to raid on about thursday and sunday night. We can optionally be flexible, those are not our required days, but they are benchmarks for days that we are looking for.

Notably, I’ve accomplished one CE. I’ve regrettably missed a plenty few that I wish I hadn’t due to me not putting as much personal emphasis on my raiding. I wish to change that with SL coming up.
We’re looking for an active guild that doesnt just raid log. we enjoy degenerate humor, but also respect those who don’t. we’re close but we’re very anti-problematic on a personal level. We enjoy raiding a lot, it’s one of the key things that we enjoy in the game, ontop of m+.

If you’re interested in talking/armory/logs/past IO, add me at Monk#1623 on the btag, and I’ll happily provide you with whatever I can. We look forward to raiding with you! Thank you for reading!

A buddy and I are looking for a guild to push CE for in shadowlands, regardless if startup or established, looking for a good community. We will play almost any class/role needed. Btag is Monk#1623 add me and let’s chat. Thanks!

What’s good my dude check us out we are not sure how hard we will push mythic in shadowlands but worth talking about it hit me up Mako#1649

Hey Poppa! Mortui VIvos Docent is recruiting dps and a healer to finalize our raid roster! Our guild has 5/12M experience, but we are open to recruiting those who are ready to make the leap into mythic raiding. Our raid times are 9pm-12am EST Fri/Sat. We also run heroic and M+ throughout the week. If this interests you, add my btag Unocmee#1427 or our guild leader’s btag Apexya0206#1811 (they wil be on a little bit more than me in the coming days) and we can chat more!

Add me Subsonic#11215 , recruiting group of degenerates

Still potentially in the market for looking for a group, please add me!