Mage looking for progressive raiding guild

Currently ~440 ilvl Mage looking for a raiding guild willing to help teach someone how to raid properly and efficiently. Been around for about 6 months’ time, but never considered [H] raiding. willing to learn and spend extensive hours to learn!

Don’t have much experience beyond some M+ and arenas with friends. have done similar raiding type styles in other games and did some raid finder. But other than that, I have no other experience.

Looking forward to playing with you!, Ch4vy#1891

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Hey there. My guild might be a good fit for you. We do weekend raiding as well as mythic+ when we’re not raiding. We’re progressing through heroic (7/12 but raid lead has aotc) and are looking to expand our playerbase. [US] [Stormreaver] [H] <KnightOwls> give us a look and chat us up if you feel you may be a good fit.

Hello! I’m not sure if you’re looking to transfer/faction change but my guild is always looking to take folks in willing to learn! :slight_smile: Right now we’re pushing heroic clears weekly and have dipped into mythic a bit. We also have a few folks interested in M+ as well! You can read more about us here:
[A] Starlight Crusade is recruiting!

If you’re interested please feel free to reach out to me on bnet!

Guild of returning players here, we are looking for new players to build our player base for raiding. We are currently 11/12 on normal and will be heading into heroic very shortly (aiming to get AotC). We also run mythic dungeons and push keys to get people geared. We are on the smaller side, I like to keep it smaller, its easier to get to know everyone and people are not just a number. Right now we have 12 core raiders.
We are not looking to be a hardcore guild, as most of us have a life outside of wow and have kids. We play the game to have fun and meet people.
In need of a few more DPS and/or a few players who wouldn’t mind offspecing healer or tank.
Since its kind of late into this expansion we want to do at much as we can in preparation for Shadowlands.
We are a newer guild, but we have a solid group of players and a good foundation. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, hit me up on discord. I’m usually in most of the day.
We are located in CST. Raid times are 8:45pm and will go for about 2 hours. Day are Friday and Monday.
Realm is Gurubashi : ([H] casual raiding guild looking for more!)
discord: or Gameslave#4704
bnet: Morlanith#1757

***Hefty*** - Currently 5/12M

Raid Days/Times:
Tuesday and Thursday 10pm -1am est (7pm -10pm pst)

Recruitment Needs:

We are currently open to all classes and specs but the following are high priority:

1 Tank (prefer Monk or Pally)
Disc Priest
Balance Druid (bonus if you play Resto too)
Havoc DH
Elemental Shaman (bonus if you play Resto too)

About us:
Formerly Perseverance of Sargeras, Hefty is an adult (21+) late night Horde raiding guild on Area 52. Currently 5/12M, some might describe us as semi-casual, others as semi-hardcore, but we like to think of ourselves as somewhere in the middle.

Most of us have jobs, spouses, kids, etc. keeping us busy IRL, so when we log into the game, we’re here to have fun and unwind. With a limited 2-day schedule, we do take raid time seriously, but we also value our fairly relaxed, social atmosphere. There’s lots of guilds out there where numbers are all that matter. Being a part of Hefty means being a part of a team where we recognize there’s a person behind every toon.

Our focus is on completing AotC every tier, and then we will tackle as many mythic fights as time allows. We will not push for mythic progression at the expense of our atmosphere.


Item level 460+
Cloak 12+
Rank 3 essences
Working Mic
Ability to take constructive criticism and occasionally sit for a fight as required
A positive, team attitude

If you have any questions or would like to set up a trial run, you can contact myself or an officer in game at:


We could help you learn!
Cupcakes and BDSM is now recruiting to fill our raid slots on Thrall (Horde)

(Tanks, heals and ranged dps preferred but all are welcome)

Raid Times/Days: Wednesday/Thursday 10pm - 1am (EST)

Recruitment Contacts: Discord -




About us - Mature guild looking for anyone who wants to play the current content in a chill environment. We want to have fun getting to know each other, grow our community, make friends, while pushing the current content. Our goal is to build a community of tight knit guildies to build a foundation to push Mythic content in Shadowlands.

We run keys, old content, WQ together, we pretty much do everything the game offers and have fun. We also hold guild events for awards.

New and verteran players are welcome as well. We level, dungeon, help gear and just have fun. Any questions, feel free to send a PM.


Divine Minds is located on US Illidian Horde Side.

We are currently recruiting for our core mythic raid team.

We are 12/12H and with one night in mythic are 2/12M in just 3 weeks of raiding.

We raid two days a week - Wednesday and Friday 7PM-11PM EST.

Our highest needs are the following:

Ranged DPS - hunter, elemental shaman, balance Druid, mage

Healers - MW monk, holy/disc priest

Melee DPS - WW monk, Ret pally, rogue, enhancement shaman

We will always consider exceptional players as well, whatever your class may be.

Our goal is to always achieve AoTC and continue to progress as far into mythic content every tier with our ultimate goal being CE.

we continuously run Mythic plus’ to help gear each other on off nights.

Casuals and Newer players are welcome as well!

We have started to discuss a pvp team as well for off nights as an additional perk to joining our guild!

If a guild like this interests you, please add me at Defusionz#1271.

God morning Chavy!

Our Guild would love to have you! Our Guild raids Friday/Saturday 7:30pm EST start time!
We run mythic keystones as well!

I’m going to share our Guild recruitment post. Please take a look when you have a moment. We thank you, and hope to hear from you soon!

Hello Chavy!
I think we may be a good fit for you. We have two raid groups at the moment, one that is more casual and for those that are lower level gearing up and we also have a progression raid for those that want to get towards the end of heroic and into Mythic Nyalotha. We also group together for M+'s and some random tmog runs.

Feel free to take a gander at our thread and please let me know if you have any questions or interest.

Hey there! You’ve posted from a Horde character, but if the Alliance isn’t off the table, my guild might be interesting to you. We’re very small, but we clear Heroic raids and get AotC, and we’re happy to help new folks with the ins and outs of raiding. If you’re looking for something casual with a small time commitment, check out our post and contact me if you’re interested!

Dunno if I’m late to the party but ORCA is an Alliance guild on Dalaran currently looking for more dps to fill our roster and prepare for Shadowlands. As of right now our Ny’Alotha progression is 12/12N and 8/12H in a span of three weeks of our guild forming. We’re a relatively small/medium sized guild with a solid roster around 15 people, some who are playing WoW and raiding for the first time. We also do M+ on the side for gearing. We raid on a 9 hour weekly schedule, T/W/Thu 8-11 PM EST led by a former Top 50 US raider. Here is our recruitment post below:

ORCA is currently recruiting all classes/specs to finish up Nya’lotha. Want to be a part of progression? Want to earn something with a group of people who are pushing to better themselves in every raid? Get in while we begin to prepare for Shadowlands and be a part of something great!

Current needs:
Blood DK
Retribution Paladin
Balance Druid
Fire Mage
Arms Warrior
Shadow/Disc Priest

Even if you’re not on that list, still feel free to contact us, we’re looking at any exceptional players interested in a progression mindset.

We have prospects to be a guild that can clear cutting edge achievements on a lightweight raid schedule.

If you think this is what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact Vaultic#1262 or Kae#11715 on bnet

You can also reach me on discord, Kae#4869. I look forward to hearing from you!

< Do Not Release> [H] on Bleeding Hollow is recruiting for our new mythic team! We are a two night, mythic raiding guild who are starting fresh
Raid Times: Wednesday and Friday- 07:00PM EST to 10:00PM EST.
Current Progression: 12/12H AoTC
Current Needs:
Tank: Full
Melee DPS: Warrior
Ranged DPS: Fire Mage, Destro Lock
Healer: Disc Priest, Resto shaman
Guild Requirements: Prefer 80+ heart and Rank 15 cloak.
Come prepared to raid with anything you may need for the night, and arrive 15 min early. Food, flask, repairs and enchants are provided as needed once trial period is over.
We have been around since BC, with some having been around since vanilla. For the first couple tiers, we were primarily focused on AoTC achievement. This tier, we began to make the transition to a CE focused guild. and prepare for Shadowlands. We like to think we are a very unique guild, that labels themselves more as a community.
Our members all joke around, and have fun both in raid and out. Many of us play multiple other games together on off nights, as well as pushing M+. For this reason, we look for good fits to join our community.
Would love to chat a little more with you and see if we are a good match!
Recruitment Officer: Vegaobscura#1750 BNET
Discord: Vega#5686

Hey there, « The Fallen Kingdom » is a social, max level guild on Illidan looking for active players wanting to progress. Our goal is to make a friendly environment where everyone can learn/improve together. Focused on mythic/raid progression & rated on the side. In our free time we also enjoy doing mount runs or old content together :slight_smile:

Order of Azeroth is an alliance guild that has created a steadily growing community with a focus on PVE. We have some fun characters for sure and a place for all types of gamers. Come chat with us in discord sometime!!

US- Kel-Thuzad

We are expanding into more competitive content and as such are looking for raiders to push into Mythic Ny’alotha and prep for Shadowlands. We also do M+ dungeons practically daily. However, we welcome all players in this community so long as they follow our expectations.

Update: We are finalizing our second team for casual raiding and are recruiting all roles currently for this group.

Why join OA?
Being a new guild means the new members dictate the future of the guild. A sense of closer camaraderie exists in small scale guilds that doesn’t exist in large-scale guilds that new members essentially feel alienated from. We are not looking to get ‘large’ but are looking for enough members to maintain and create a growing community.

Raid Times:
The schedule for the semi-hardcore raid team is Tuesday/Thursday 7:00pm est - 10:00pm est.

Raid Progression
12/12 Normal Nya
12/12 Heroic Nya
1/12 Mythic Nya

Preferred Requirements:
Neck level 80
Addons: Weakauras, DBM
450 ilvl MINIMUM
Ability to be flexible
A good attitude!

Spots available:
We are in desperate need of Non-hunter Ranged DPS.

We expect our members to be mature but above all else remember that this is indeed a game. The ultimate goal is to have fun with each other. That being said, there is a time and a place for making jokes and sharing memes and another time for listening to the officers in a raid. The main expectation then is to know the difference. Have an open mind, respect each other, and have fun building a community.

How to apply?
Message Sèndra-Kel’Thuzad or listed officers, or join our discord channel to learn more about us.



Hey bud we could definitely use a mage for our roster and our guild might just be the right fit for you