Lf shadowlands guild

In legion I was a mythic Progression Guardian Druid! I took BFA off because lets be real it was dog. Shadowlands is looking hype and I’m looking for a guild that wants to go semi-hard for Shadowlands. Im hoping to play Guardian Druid but I do have multiple alts currently sitting a 110-120 that I can lvl and will level for shadowlands if certain mythic fights need different tanks.

Hello Lohi! ORCA is looking for a dedicated and active tanks to finish up BFA (for experience as well just having fun) and full send into shadowlands. We raid on a relaxed 9 hour a week schedule on T/W/Thu 8-11 PM EST, we have Saturday optional alt runs at 8 PM EST, pvp nights on Friday, and M+ keys whenever we don’t raid. Our raids are led by a former Top US 50 raider. We started raiding 3 weeks ago and achieved 12/12N and 12/12H, and now we are preparing to step into Mythic and see how we will do. It’s great to hear you are flexible because that’s exactly what we are looking for. Below is just a guild advert from our GM:

ORCA is currently recruiting all classes/specs to finish up Nya’lotha. Want to be a part of progression? Want to earn something with a group of people who are pushing to better themselves in every raid? Get in while we begin to prepare for Shadowlands and be a part of something great!

Current needs:
Non-DH Tank
Retribution Paladin
Balance Druid
Fire Mage
Arms Warrior
Disc Priest
Destro Lock

Even if you’re not on that list, still feel free to contact us, we’re looking at any exceptional players interested in a progression mindset.

We have prospects to be a guild that can clear cutting edge achievements on a lightweight raid schedule.

If you think this is what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact Vaultic#1262 or Kae#11715 on bnet

If interested, you can contact me on Discord as well at Kae#4869. Look forward hearing from you! ^-^

Hi Lôhi!

We are needing more players to hit raiding in Shadowlands hard! We mostly need ranged dps but all are welcome :slight_smile:

is a 4/12M guild on Mal’Ganis that’s a semi-casual raiding guild and we’re looking for more players to push mythic progression.

We raid Wed/Fri 9-12pm CST with an optional heroic raid Sundays 9-11PM CST.
We’re a close-knit community of players that have turned friends. We are highly active in disc and down to help where needed. We run keys, PvP, old content… pretty much anything you can think of to do in game.

Add me on Discord or Bnet if you’d like to chat more:
Bnet: Squishers#11221
Discord: Squishers#9172