LF Family Guild for Myself and Son

Hi All,

I’ve been playing WoW off and on since day one. Haven’t been part of the guild community for awhile. My son (13 y/o) is beginning to play and I am looking for a guild for the two of us. I think he could really benefit from seeing the full scope of WoW instead of just dungeons and solo questing.

We are happy to transfer or reroll on any server and play either Horde or Alliance (no preference). I would like a guild whose guild/voice chat is PG-13 (mostly). I generally play druids, pallys, and warriors. My son enjoys Demon Hunters and Hunters. I am happy playing any role (healer or tank prefered), my son prefers dps. We also enoy pvp.

Please let me know if your guild fits the bill and are recruiting friendly players.

Happy hunting and have fun!

Hello! I’m Dae, I co-run the guild Antiquated. I read your post and was wondering if you’d be interested in joining me in our discord to chat for a bit to see if our guild is a good fit for you. I’ll post the link below if you’re interested. Cheers!


Hey, man. My name is Cristian and I played on the realm Stormrage. I feel you and your son would make a great fit here as we are a new guild and trying to get to know each other. We’re happy to help your son in gearing and leveling to hopefully get him through some endgame content, we’re currently at 100 members and started a few weeks ago. If you and your son are interested in a casual laid back group with a bunch of fellow members to get a few laughs and enjoy the game I suggest the both of you in this guild.

Contact Info:
battletag: Cristian#14424
Ingame name: Peq-Stormrage
Discord: Peq#5932

Hey bud check us out we are an adult guild but time to time disc can get a bit hectic but here is our link

Hi Dae,
Thank you. I will check in with you this evening on Discord and see if you have time to chat.

I’ll look forward to chatting with you tonight then!

Hi Cristian,

Thank you for your response. I will ping you from Baine-Proudmore this evening, and see if you have time to chat. (We are a bit busy this afternoon.) Looking forward to speaking with you.

No problem, I linked all my socials including my battletag, ingame name if you want to mail me a message and discord if you want to chat and talk.