[H] Returning Mage LF Casual Raid Guild 8PM-1AM PST (Mon-Thurs)

Hi all!

I’m a returning mage getting ready for Shadowlands!

I’m a Horde mage primarily looking for a casual raiding guild that runs raids from 8PM-1AM PST Mon-Thurs.

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Hey bud if Saturday works for you check us out

Hey, thanks for the share! Unfortunately, I think I’m primarily looking for 8PM-1AM PST Mondays-Thursdays. I think that time slot is fixed for me for now.

Np bud if things change feel free to reach out and best of luck on your search

Bump! Still looking for a guild!

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Hi there Amorthalis!

Welcome back! If you wouldn’t mind coming over to the alliance, and are ok with Tues/Thurs 7:30-9:30 p.m. PST, we may be a good fit! We are a newly formed guild looking for good people and would love to chat. We will actually be starting a quick Normal progression this reset to get to know one another and afford our new and returning plays the ability to see the fights before stepping into Heroic and ultimately get situated for shadowlands progression. We don’t have spec/class/attendance requirements, play what you like when you like, though we are active outside of raid nights with m+/arena/alt-raid(coming soon), etc. We really do want to make all parts of the game accessible. We are currently running m+ in the evenings, we also have a few folks that run 2s/3s and would welcome another partner to run with. Our recruitment post and my contact info are below, hope to talk to you soon!

Bender#1870 - Bnet
Bender#1504 - Discord

Thanks for the share! Unfortunately, I’m planning to stay Horde. :slight_smile:

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AVALANCHE on area 52 raid tuesday thursday 8:30 pst - 11 pst and we focus mainly on AOTC during progress. We’re on expansion break(we’re doing stuff but mostly glory achievements and looking to get enough ppl interested in doing jaina mounts) but looking to be raring to go into shadowlands. feel free to hit me up on bnet fynale#1653. and yes we’re horde and proud.

Thanks for the share! I’ll keep it in mind for Shadowlands. Curious as to what gulids are currently doing active raid runs at the moment as well.