[A] Looking for more? So are we

[A] I am Rodan from House of Ramith on US-Garona and we are looking to add more folks to our ranks. We focus on progression mostly but toss in Mythics etc etc when we cannot raid or help people gear up etc. We run raids on Tuesday nights and are currently 7/12N 1/12H so as you can tell we are not hardcore by any means. We would be further along but when you lose a heals, tank or dps for x amount of time, well, you know. So that’s why I am here. We are a good group of people, if you make mistakes we get it, if you need help we will lend a hand, need advice you get it, need $10,000 for a mount (Probably not going to get that) you get the idea. If you got this far feel free to reach out to myself or anyone in the guild and we will be happy to answer questions!

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You guys ever consider coming to the horde maybe we could work something out let me know what you think