475 Mistweaver/473 Tank/dps Warrior 4/12 M LFG

Battle tag: Phantomcrash#11300 {server: Illidan only} I’m a 475 Mistweaver monk and a 473 Tank/Dps Warrior that has 4/12 Mythic experience in the current tier. I stopped raiding during the beginning covid due to my previous guild not willing to work with me on my schedule as an active duty military member. I left them to find a better environment, I’m a serious mindset raider who is always willing to take input and use it to make myself better. In the past I have done all 3 roles as a raider so I am versatile, I would prefer to raid on my warrior but I can raid on both competently.

< Gruuls Gone Wild > < H > 3/12M - Zul’jin

Please fill out our application: forms.gle/ngwZTVLnR4RrZERD7 so we can contact you!

Fill free to join our Discord: discord.gg/vNemtpt

We are a 3/12 Mythic Ny’alotha progression guild. Currently, we are looking to fill our guild roster. We are looking for dedicated raiders who are performing well and understand their class. While performance is important, synergy is also one of the main attributes we are looking for.

Goals: Mythic Ny’alotha Progression / Multiple mythic plus groups pushing 15 and above keys / Cutting Edge in BFA and Shadowlands.

Planning Ahead:

Our raid team is planning on pushing Mythic Ny’alotha progression for Cutting Edge for the remainder of the raid tier until Shadowlands. In Shadowlands, we intend to achieve Cutting Edge for each raid tier and grow our community of players.

We would like to form a mythic plus community, along with groups to run rated PvP battleground and arenas.

Progression Raid Times:

Wednesday / Thursday / Monday | 8:00 - 11:00 PM EST

The group will begin forming 30 minutes before raid time, and an attendance photo will be taken each week 15 minutes before raid time.

The days and times are subject to change for each tier depending on the schedule of the team for that time of year.

Recruitment and Trial Raiders:

Gruul’s Gone Wild is focused on progression through the Mythic raid tier. This means that the 20 best and most reliable players / classes for each boss throughout the raid. We are looking for players who are reliable and willing to contribute to the raid each week.

We do not have damage (DPS) or healing (HPS) cut offs; however, high performance reliability is valued while still performing mechanics properly.

If you can play multiple classes / roles, it will be highly valuable to us. While not required, we do expect that mythic progression raiders should have at least one alt geared to enter the raid team if needed.

Guild Information:

We are a new Horde guild, switching recently from Alliance for more quality raiding individuals to push to achieve Cutting Edge every tier throughout Shadowlands. While raiding is the main focus, we have a mythic plus team for pushing high level keys and looking to form more!

Also, we welcome all types of WoW players. We want to start doing movie nights, achievement/mount/mog runs, and so much more that WoW has to offer other than raiding. While raiding will be our main focus, we still want to build a community of players who enjoy having fun while still being competitive and serious at times.

Again, our application link: forms.gle/ngwZTVLnR4RrZERD7

Discord link: discord.gg/vNemtpt

[H] (Mal’Ganis) 4/12M 12/12H AOTC LF RDPS and Healer

We are a newly formed Guild but all experienced players with CE exp Looking to solidify our roster to finish pushing through Ny’lotha and continue strong into Shadowlands. We currently push high keys and run heroic Ny’lotha to gear alts.

Tues/Thurs 8-11PM EST

Ranged: Hunter, Mage, ele, lock

Melee: DH, warrior

Healer: MW, Hpriest

Will consider any exceptional players

Btag: Smokey#1196

Discord: Smokey#9390

Hey bud sorry your guild didn’t work out for you first I’d like to Thank you for your service I don’t have the most appealing offer but check us out if you like

Thank you for the replies guys but I’m going to have to apologize in advance before getting into contact with you. I have no intention of moving servers, my current server is Illidan. Thank you Sig for your support.