Returning Experienced Player LF Casual Guild

Hey hey!

I am a returning experienced player and in need of a casual guild to build a community with/become home starting now and into Shadowlands! What I truly miss most about WoW is the relationships with guildmates and I want to build those again. Raiding is not a top priority for me (though I’m interested) with the xpac coming to a close and most guilds being in Mythic prog.

A little bit about me:

  • I’ve been maining a healer since Vanilla WoW
  • I raided in a US top 150 guild through the end of BC and WotLK
  • I have experience raid leading and organizing healing teams

I took an extensive break from the end of MoP through Legion and have been playing BFA on and off but I’m finally at a point where I can put more time and focus into the game.

Currently I have a 464 resto druid and a 456 disc priest. I’ve also been leveling this prot pally and am very interested in swapping mains and am open to tanking or healing.

If being considered for a raid spot, I’d prefer to join a guild working through heroic. For the betterment of the guild, I think throwing me into Mythic would only hurt progress. I love running dungeons, pushing keys, and farming transmogs and mounts.

Feel free to reply here or message me on Discord Chased#5748
I hope one of y’all has a new guild home for me!


sent you a discord friend request!

Good morning Cleavon!

I have also sent you a friend request on discord. Our guild is recruiting for raiding, mythic keystones and other fun Guild events. Our Guild raids heroic on Friday/Saturday evenings. We have a normal alt run on Thursday evenings. We have Monday dedicated to Mythic Keystones, but we do run them anytime.

I’m going to share our Guild recruitment post below. Please take a look when you have a chance. We thank you, and hope to hear from you soon!

HI Cleavon,

Retaliation is an alliance heroic progression guild that has been raiding and playing together in various games for over 10 years. We enjoy giving each other a hard time while still being successful.

Retaliation raids on Tuesday and Wednesday nights 8 PM to 10 PM ET. We use Discord for voice communication and go with a work hard play hard mentality. We also require a mythic+ to be completed each week to assist with progression. (We do these as a guild).

More details - AOTC Guild Recruiting - Come give each other crap with us!

Please if interested reach out to Isego#1586

Hi Cleavon,

I would love to chat with you about my guild. We are a horde guild on Thrall, and are currently rebuilding our guild after a long hiatus. You do not have any days or times listed, so I’m hoping that you would be able to work with ours, Tues and Weds 8-10:30 PM EST .

We are looking to make our guild into exactly what you are looking for, that community feel, while able to have fun and kill bosses, raid or M+ ones. We also are looking to get into PvP as well later down the line.

Either of your healers would make an excellent addition to our growing team! I will leave a link below for you to look over, as well as add you on btag.

Hi! I run a small, casual guild that still manages to complete Heroic on a two night/two hours each schedule. We keep the guild small so we can all know each other, and we use Discord to keep in touch and form groups. We’re pretty chatty there and focus on having a positive, friendly environment. We don’t have any plans to move into Mythic–we’re happy doing AotC, M+, and a bit of pvp.

Check out our recruitment post, and if we sound like what you’re looking for (and you’re willing to go Alliance, of course), hit me up!

Some great offers here! Bumping this to the top while I look them over. Thanks everyone!

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Hello Cleavon,

If you’re truly interested in building a community, <Dusk to Dawn> is the perfect place to do so. It is a new, late night Horde guild on Mal’Ganis. I feel like most (but not all) guilds around these days are nothing more than a raid team you play with each week and when raid is over, you go your own ways. I’m trying to build something more than that, where the members care more about playing together than pushing Cutting Edge progression. We do still have the goal of clearing Normal, Heroic, and at least half of Mythic every tier, but finding people who actually care about their guild mates is far more important. I miss having the feeling of not wanting to log out at night because I might miss something awesome the guildies are doing. If you’re open to a late night guild helping grow a community, I would love to chat more.

Raid Times:

  • Tuesday: 11pm - 1am CST (9pm - 11pm PST)
  • Thursday: 11pm - 1am CST (9pm - 11pm PST)
  • Sunday: 11pm - 1am CST (9pm - 11pm PST)
    (Farm night is TBD)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or fill out the simple app and I’ll get in touch with you:

  • Discord: Zamereon#4336
  • Bnet: Zamereon#1622
  • App:

Hi there Cleavon!

Welcome back! We are a newly formed guild looking for good people and would love to chat! We are building a community where people come first, where we simply enjoy each other’s company while affording access to all corners of this awesome game. We’ve just started a quick Normal progression this reset to get to know one another and afford our new and returning plays the ability to see the fights before stepping into Heroic, and ultimately get situated for shadowlands progression. We cleared the first six last night, and will likely clear the back six in next the one to two raid nights. We don’t have spec/class/attendance requirements, play what you like when you like.

We are active outside of raid nights with m+/arena/alt-raid(coming soon), etc, we even have a few folks that do transmog runs on the regular! Our recruitment post and my contact info are below, hope to talk to you soon!

Bender#1870 - Bnet
Bender#1504 - Discord

Guild of returning players here, we are looking for new players to build our player base for raiding. We are currently 11/12 on normal and Just started Heroic 3/12 (aiming to get AotC). We also run mythic dungeons and push keys to get people geared. We are on the smaller side, I like to keep it smaller, its easier to get to know everyone and people are not just a number. Right now we have 12 core raiders.
We are not looking to be a hardcore guild, as most of us have a life outside of wow and have kids. We play the game to have fun and meet people.
In need of a few more DPS and/or a few players who wouldn’t mind offspecing healer or tank. If we can fill our 2/3/9 roster we will need another dedicated healer.
Since its kind of late into this expansion we want to do at much as we can in preparation for Shadowlands.
We are a newer guild, but we have a solid group of players and a good foundation. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, hit me up on discord. I’m usually in most of the day.
We are located in CST. Raid times are 8:45pm and will go for about 2 hours. Day are Friday and Monday.
Realm is Gurubashi : ([H] casual raiding guild looking for more!)
discord: or Gameslave#4704
bnet: Morlanith#1757

Hello there. Our guild spam can be found here: [A][US][Dalaran] <Sèrendipity> Friendly Active Guild LFM

TL:DR is:

We are a group of returning players building and gearing our raid core for Shadowlands. We are Alliance on Dalaran and we run mid-high keys on raid off nights. We are not big on just raid logging and are working to build an active guild for PVE and PVP.

Raids T & TH 7:30-9:30pm PST

My contact info is below if interested. Good luck!

Redonk56#1461 - Bnet
Redonkulous#0245 - Discord

Hey man I think we could be a good fit. We’re currently 9/12 heroic and trying to recruit more folks for fun times. we raid 730-10ish wed/thurs eastern time. If interested add the btag buttercup#1858

Hey there have you ever considered DPS on your priest or Druid if so we are in need of a Shadow priest or boomy check us out

Hello There, Im with the guild Knightowls on Stormreaver, we’re a new forming guild weekend raiding guild that is looking for healers to help finish off our core team. Important info:
-US server - Stormreaver - Horde
-Saturday / Sunday Raid Days 9pm - 12am MST
-Heroic 9/12 with the intent to start Mythic progression after AOTC
-DPS needed | 1 Healer class needed


B-net: Wolf#16175 / Discord: Wolf {Ruff}#0354
B-net: Grymkhaos#1356 / Discord: Grymkhaos Badazz#9521
Hello, KnightOwls is a guild that formed a few weeks back now and has started raiding. We still need a few members to fill out our raid. We are currently focused on Heroic flex and M+. Eventually we would like to get into some mythic progression before the end of BFA.

As for Shadowlands, our plan is to hit the ground running. We want to get into raiding ASAP, gear, and start mythic progression.

If you’re interested please feel free to contact us.

Cleavon, you sound like a great fit for Emergence. Check out our information on this post and if it suits your fancy at all, add me up at Raz#8161 on Discord. Looking forward to hearing from you.