Weekend daytime US raid guilds?

A few friends and I are looking for a horde raiding guild that raid during the day on Saturday and Sunday around 1pm EST. We are returning players with hopes of raiding in Shadowlands. Just seeing if such a guild exists? We are all 30+ with experience in top server guilds but now want to stay casual and still experience the content.

Same here, except PT

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Same here now I live in the UK. If you find a guild post in here!

Would you guys be open to weekend nighttime us raid guilds? Invites for my guild start going out at 11:45 pm Saturday and Sunday nights EST with raid starting 15 minutes after that. If so give this thread a look: [US] [Stormreaver] [H] <KnightOwls>

Late night Sunday wouldn’t work sorry, I have to get up at 5am for work so raiding past 11pm EST isn’t what I’d like to do.

All good, figured id put the feeler out there and see if it was something you could do. I hope you find the guild you’re looking for!

Been looking for the same thing for days and no luck :confused:

If you ever change your mind and are able to raid weekdays, my guild is 3/12M. We’re a big social guild that runs normals, heroics, tons of mythic +'s and are very active and social on Discord. We’re on (H) Tich.
The morning team is recruiting DPS. Wed/Thurs 9AM to 1130 AM PST.

Reach out to me if you change your mind!
BNET: Miss Kay$11518
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Hey all you guys! I gotchu!
I’m recruiting for a (VERY) new guild: [Phasers On Stun] horde side on Illidan. Raid times are 12pm-3pm central time on Saturday/Sunday (weekend afternoons). I’m 9/12m and looking to get back to that area as soon as possible. I know that committing to a brand new guild is super scary but I have successfully built and led guilds before for a few years, and you’re more than welcome to trial before making any commitments. We’re 12/12h & 3/12 mythic right now.

Application: https://forms.gle/rQAdS3ouuu6mexh18
Or, if you’d rather, feel free to just reach out to me!
Discord: brandy#9982
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Hey bud we may fit what your looking for check us out here’s a link hope to hear from you

Hey bud check us out

Check us out bud we raid day time