12/12H Guild Looking for members to venture into Mythic

Hey all! My name is Jake and I am an officer in the guild Coo Coo Kachoo, a group of friends looking to return to mythic raiding in Shadowlands. We are located on the U.S. Realm Zul’Jin, and all ended up resubbing a month or so ago. We have quickly gotten geared up and grabbed AOTC, but are all itching to get into mythic. Currently we are recruiting around 7-8 players. At the moment we are looking at all classes for DPS and one to two healing spots as well. At this time we already have two proficient tanks. If interested please contact me on discord or bnet. My discord info is weregamer#5097 and my battle.net is drokor#1150. Thanks for your time.

Additonally, our current raid time is Thursdays from 8PM EST to 12 AM EST. This will change when we have 20 players as I think 2 days is fine for mythic progression this late into the tier.

You can also contact our GM on discord at Nuanced#5273 and on bnet at ImBrooksy#1556.

Still recruiting!

Still accepting applicants at this time.

Still recruiting!

Still seeking all exceptional players.

Still seeking ranged dps and healers!

Hey bud my guild is also on Zul’jin we are all mythic raiders who just came back our selfs and been doing the recruiting thing maybe we could talk about our very Strong core and yours maybe collaborating And see where it might lead as me Mako#1649

We are still recruiting for all roles at this time, other than melee dps. However if you are an exceptional melee player feel free to inquire as well!

Hello! I’m an officer in Coo Coo Kachoo and you can always add me if you’re interested at Mercuree#1812.

To add to Drokor’s posting, we are a pretty active group of players outside of raid too. We usually have groups doing Mythic+ and arenas most nights of the week. Even if you’re not looking to raid, or aren’t sure, feel free to reach out to us if you’re just looking for a group to play the game with!

Still looking to recruit for all roles!

Still recruiting a tank and ranged dps!

Recruiting healers and ranged dps at this time! We are now 3/12M as a guild as of this Thursday.