Unholy/Frost DK LF Heroic Raiding guild

Hey all,

I am currently seeking a Heroic raiding environment for my Death Knight. I am interested in dpsing specifically. I am returning to the game after a brief hiatus due to work schedule changing and I am hoping to find a home again.

Relevant Info:

Current Ilvl:465+
Neck Level: 89
Essences: All spec relevant essences at rank 3 or higher.
Cloak Level: Currently 12
Desired Raid Days/Times: Tuesday-Thursday 7-11

Current Raiding experience:
I know all fights in Nya’lotha. I am 12/12H but only killed bosses a few times. Looking to get into a group I can continue to raid within Shadowlands.

Prior Raid Experience:
I have raided on and off since Burning Crusade, with various breaks due to RL. My most active raiding came at the end of Wrath and Beginning of Cata where I cleared content.

I’d prefer to stay horde, and finding something on Illidan would be even better but I’m open to all options.

Thank you for reading and you can contact me at:

Hey bud one day a week raiding check us out