Returning player looking for casual morning guild

I’ve been playing since mid BC, stopped organized raiding after my guild fell apart sometime between ICC and Ruby Sanctum. Since then I’ve mostly done solo stuff, LFR, and played off and on enough to see the story. I’m looking to get back into an actual guild and do some raiding come Shadowlands.

I don’t have any raid ready characters (Ideal recruit!) and would just be a social member for the time being, probably rerolling anyways. Faction and server doesn’t matter. Due to working evenings teus-sat I can only play late at night (after 11:30 cst) or in the am (before 1:00 pm cst). Mon&Sun anytime :slight_smile:

Not sure what class your looking to play but we are recruiting for shadow lands we raid one day a week Monday morning 9am est to 1pm est check it out