Looking for a guild on multiple toons/servers

I play Horde on Illidan, and Alliance on Sargeras. I’m looking for a guild on both servers.

I play this game mostly solo and honestly, I’m bored out of my mind. I don’t really have anything to look forward to in game and I mostly twiddle my thumbs for a few minutes and go play something else.

Obviously that’s not the ideal way to play this game. I want to be more social for the rest of BFA and into SL. None of my friends play this game and I’ve had no luck with random guilds in game.

I work a very hectic and unusual schedule. I work at a hospital and do at minimum four twelve hour shifts per week, sometimes back to back, and I work every other weekend. Flexibility is an absolute must, so I’m looking for a chill bunch of people.

Really I just want a group of friends that I can kill dragons and shoot the sh!t with.

I have seven 120s, 5 on Sargeras and 2 on Illidan

Sargeras: Rogue, Pally, DH, Mage, Priest

Illidan: Warrior, Warlock

If you think I’ll be a good fit, let me know here or at Hambamwam#1505

Hey there! I run a small, friendly Alliance guild that might be what you’re looking for. We keep the guild small so we can all get to know each other, and focus on enjoying who we play with first. Our goal is to finish each tier on Heroic and get AotC, and do some M+ when folks feel like it, but we don’t have any attendance requirements or pressure to constantly play.

Check out our post and hit me up if you think we sound like your kind of group!

Sorry, only really looking on servers that I have toons on

I know your looking for guild on your current realm but with everything being cross realm and us being flexible To you schedule we could use you cross realm if it sound like it might work let me know here’s the link