Returning previous Top 50 US Raider LF hardcore guild for Shadowlands and beyond

Hey there! I’m Golbeza, a previous multi gladiator and tryhard parser, I’m returning from classic wow, where I have been raiding in a sub 35 min BWL guild and enjoying my youth all over again. Due to botters, and kind of realizing I have done this all before I have decided to put all my focus back into BFA going forward into Shadowlands and am looking for a place to call home. I’m willing to transfer to both Alliance or Horde servers as well for the right guild. I know a lot of this catch up stuff is time gated so I do not expect to be carried through anything, mostly looking to try to catch up and establish myself as a raider somewhere going into Shadowlands.

As I am just returning I don’t have logs (unless you wanna see my 99 bwl parses XD) but rest assuredly I will always do my best to improve on each performance week after week.

My discord is Almondbutter#7589 if anyone wants to reach out!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey man I also came from classic with 100% parse check us out

Here’s my classic toon giving you a Bump