4/12M Unh DK LF weekend (Sat/Sun)

Looking for a weekend guild/raid team to continue to push with for the rest of BFA and onward into Shadowlands.

475 ilvl Unholy DK rank 15 cloak an lvl 90 neck, currently 4/12M

Prefer Sat/Sun for raid nights and would prefer to stay horde but will consider faction swap for the right fit

Good morning Imsquanching!

Our Guild is recruiting for Shadowlands. Our current raid schedule is Friday/Saturday 7:30pm EST start time if you’re flexible with Friday.

I’m going to share our Guild recruitment post below. Please take a look when you have a chance. We thank you, and hope to hear from you soon!

Hey my dude check it out Saturday morning raid team if your interested

hello, we may be what you’re looking for. check us out

Still looking

Big bumper

Still looking for the right fit

Bumper cars are fun

We are alliance but feel free to hit me up!

Still searching for the right fit

Wheres everyone at

Still seeking weekend raids

Professional Baddies - [A] Sargeras 5/12M is now recruiting for Mythic Ny’alotha!!!

Our vision is to achieve cutting edge and build a team of dedicated players for progression through the entirety of Shadowlands.

-Raid times-
Main Raid: Fri/Saturday 9pm - 12am server
Optional Heroic Sale : Sunday 9pm -12am server

Currently Recruiting:
Melee DPS: Retribution Paladin, Frost/ UH Death knight
Ranged DPS: Closed
Healers: Restoration Druid, Mistweaver Monk, Holy priest
Tanks: Closed

All exceptional players are invited to apply

GM - poodarf#1464
Officers - Gotesblud#1194

Do weekend morning work for you let me know