One day a week morning guild 9/10 H

You guys are crazy :joy:

All roles welcome to apply. Fun group

Good bunch of people we have here. We’re trying to be a community as well as a raid team so join today!

Good group of lads right here real fun bunch :100: :fire: the best bonus is sig posts pics of his barbecue and I get drool all over my keyboard

Amen to that join for BBQ pics

How’s every one doing today

Good just talking to my self

I will chaos bolt all you fake sigs in the face!

Did you horde scum!

horde sigs will melt you Alliance sig!

Death to the Alliance!

You know if you keep talking to your self some one might think your crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Check out these heralds of the Titans

Great guild just need more solid players

In two week we are 6/12 AoTc is in sight help us make the Push!

Damn it quite up in here

Because no one Is Bumping us to the top

Just saying bumps are my thing

Thanks for the bumps guys keep it up keep us at the top

Bumpity bump