[LFG][US][Alliance] 464 lock lf fun guild for Shadowlands & other games

I plan on playing the ever living sh*t out of Shadowlands when it comes out and the thing that is important to know is that I will most likely be playing an enhancement shaman.

That being said right now I am looking for a guild mostly to have fun casually in the current expansion, but more importantly, play other games with.

Some of the other games I play are:

League of Legends probably my most played

Legends of Runeterra


Heroes of the Storm


Fallout 76


Halo Master Chief Collection

as well as other random steam games

Oh and I have Alpha 1 access to Ashes of Creation so I will be playing that as well.

Anyways if you plan on casually playing Shadowlands and clearing at least normal and heroic, and also are a community that plays other games frequently with each other do not hesitate to contact me on battlenet or discord.

Thank you for your time - details below.

Battlenet: Deadera#1504

Discord: Mithrilkatana#1816

Hey bud we could use a second warlock for this teir come shadowlands feel free to swap I’d like to talk to you we raid Saturday morning one day a week from 9am to 1pm est (guild name is changing due to the method drama) new guild name is changing to Critically Dumb