452 Outlaw Rogue LF guild

Hello 452 rogue here, moved to EU not to long ago, and still wanna play in NA with all my characters. And was looking for a Guild that Raids in EU time zone. I have it easy to pick up on mechanics and easy going. Looking for raiding and mythic +

Bigbomber is my character on stormrage. Dunno why it didn’t show up in profile.

Hey there bud we are a weekend morning raid group that might fire your time schedule let me know

Yes those hours works for me. I can plan the weekend now. And wont show up unless something comes up. but am looking to get into raiding and get AOTC.

Add my battle tag and we can discuss getting you over to the guild and runing with us hope to hear from you soon

i would if i knew how, just add mine simply#1138