Serious question: Is smurfing cheating?

Cheating is limited to using third party programs or bugs that influence the game into a team’s favor, I think.

We did have our fair share of banned accounts from streamers who did ‘Bronze to GM challenge’ though.


Hello Jeff, can we get an answer about the state of Doomfist? Do you feel like he doesn’t need any buffs right now, or does need to get nerfed?

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This is why ‘boosting’ and ‘throwing’ is against the rules but creating new accounts isn’t.

Bronze to GM challenge falls into the ‘throwing’ category or account sharing because it is almost impossible for a GM player to be placed so low in a new account unless they were throwing.


Well, smurfs are a serious problem in bronze rank. It’s easy to tell, and they still get away with it.

Please please do something, it’s so unfun


Wow. I did not expected to get a response from Jeff himself.

Better use this opportunity.

I love the new map.
Please fix Mei’s Cryo-Freeze so it isn’t affected by favor-the-shooter anymore like the other defensive abilities in the game. Thanks.


We don’t actually need this behavior reported. We have a whole crew here doing some pretty significant analysis to determine this behavior.


Thank you, that is helpful information that I can share with others. I trust the same is somewhat true with throwing. I personally will only use the GAMEPLAY SABOTAGE field, for blatant instances of sabotage (Mei Wall on Spawn Door, Teleport on Cliff, etc).


Well, are you going to give us some information about the state of Doomfist next week?

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yes… he needs falloff dmg nerf same as roadhog.

treat everyone the same …


Like he’s gonna answer to that lol. Wait and see

Jeff do you think is fair that a top 500 widow plays in silver to wreck lower leves ?

Dont tell me matchmaker works because i have been playing with smurfs since the launch of the game , THEY TELL ME after wrecking 1 team or throwing in my team



Dude there has been constant complaining about Doomfist for months. I just want to know if he’s going to get nerfed or not. If he does get nerfed, I just hope it doesn’t send him back to F tier

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no its not and therefore i report them…

I seriously doubt it. I don’t like his power level either rn, but I think its safe to say he only needs something minor.

Don’t worry dude :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont expect blizzard to admit smurfing IS cheating because they would lose money at least i got to masters where smurfs are less frequent,

But diamond… my god

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I started noticing diamonds and above on my teams or against me when I got my first smurf at about lvl 6-7.

actually smurfing is cheating.

making an ALT account is not cheating.

a smurf is to play on a lower elo on purpose to destroy noobs.


So you are saying that if i have my main in 3000SR and my smurf in 3000SR is not cheating? Sure i agree

But this is not the case for 90% of the smurfs who use it to practice a new hero "(throw basically) , play in lower ranks where the warm up before playing in the main account, or having ‘‘fun’’ wrecking lowe ranks.

‘‘activity that grants an unfair advantage’’
You think is a fair advantage having 400 hrs in the game versus someone who just started and wants to climb up and then after being wrecked in the main chat appears

  • LOL this isint my account noobs

or having a teammate throw and mock the reprot sistem because his mains is safe?

yea the intention matters…

however its not a problem if you make a new account for learning new heroes aslong as you dont switch to your heroes you actually have a much higher SR.

a GM widow makes an account to learn reinhardt… gets placed gold.

the problem starts when this player switches back to widow… and then back to reinhardt.


Then we agree current smurfing is problem? good

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