Your $20 derankng smurfs are fun to play against

I tried to smurf only to find that I’m a casual plat. There isn’t any threads about all those wanna be try hard smurfs.


they should honestly IP ban or something… I can’t fathom what it’s like for actually new players to match against GM smurfs when they first start.

it must be soooo… funnnnnnn… for the smurfs to be winning over someone that is clearly way outside their skill level… ha ha! yes what a fun thing to do! LOL as the young ones say!

deranking is only reportable if your throwing. aslong as the person is just trying too climb smurfing is fine.

this has been stated many times

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Even though I agree with you at the core of this issue, I don’t think deranking plat players pose that much of a threat to the games fun factor.

If only there were some kind of system that makes matches based on evident skill level, so that smurfs would only be usable for a brief period of time. Some kind of system that makes matches. A matchmaking system, if you will.

Sadly, Overwatch only has “The 50/50Tron,” where all that matters is a 50/50 winrate.


Jeff Kaplan explicitly told us not to report smurfs since they have a team working on just that (source).

That’s an answer about boosting not smurfing.

Smurfing is not bannable and it’s not a real problem.

The problem is players losing on purpose etc. (That i consider gameplay sabotage / griefing / whatever blizzard wants to label it in the future)

Overwatch Devteam Priority List:

  1. Releasing more 3,000-credit skins.
  2. Talking about “the toxicity”.
  3. Promoting the OWL while issuing OWL players 1000s of dollars in fines for minor infractions, to rake in more of that sweet $$$.
  4. Deleting content that doesn’t 110% praise the game.
  5. Balancing the game.
  6. Doing something about the numerous cheaters/exploiters.

Maybe the rules are scummy.

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Dont forget the aimbots, they barely banned anyone for months then just before the Humble sale ban hammer drops. Cheap way back for them and new people trying it out.

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At this point I think they dont care about anything but $$. Blizzard once was a great companty. Long time ago.

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Not sure it’s all Blizz, this seems to be a particularly Overwatch issue.

I mean, a suspension in WoW is actually quite a big deal because it sets you back real time and progress, as well as their taking away ill gotten toys.

In OW nothing is really lost, and you’re allowed to just play on an another account anyway. In a way this only serves to encourage the bad behaviour because there are no real consequences, it encourages purchasing new accounts, and anyone salty about being banned just takes it out on other players on said alt.

It’s all very wrong headed.

black friday/cyber monday is just around the corner! there’s still hope <3

I know the opening post is 7 days old now, but if the bronze rank at 1100 is legitimate I sort of have to say that even a gold I suppose must be a smurf.

so that makes 660 people who experienced a bad balanced game… seems fine according to you. lol?

So you would report someone who has a nice game for once and wrecks havoc on the enemy team?

Smurfing should be a bannable offense. You get to reset your hidden MMR to play at ranks you normally wouldnt have access to. Its a derank without actually deranking. Even if blizzards system is evetually going to raise your MMR to your appropiate level, that doesnt change the fact that you ruined the game for all new players who had to play against you on your way there.

Again, that’s not going to result in consistent enough reports that they’ll need to worry it about either.

it’s obvious that DeadlyAztec has several smurf accounts in lower ELOs, thus he is fervently defending the practice

You don’t have to pay to get Smurf account on console which makes up half the playbase.