Smurf problem in low plat

The forums LOVE boosters, cheaters, smurfs, and trolls and will do anything to defend their actions just like in this thread.

Clearly they see nothing wrong with their actions and think they should not be dealt with.

This is why ranked is a joke.


Yes, I know that’s what he said. I mentioned that in my previous post.

But, as I also said previously, he failed to address the impact that high tier players have in low tier matches due to the unfair advantage they have, and he also failed to acknowledge the fact that his own game’s reporting system says that’s cheating.

He didn’t say it isn’t cheating. He said it’s “fine”. But he fails to address the impact that high tier players have in low tier matches due to the unfair advantage they have, and he also failed to acknowledge the fact that his own game’s reporting system says that’s cheating.

Being better against people around the same rank as you is not an unfair advantage, no.

Being better against people who are much lower because you’re playing on an account that’s much lower than your usual rank absolutely is an unfair advantage, yes. Unequivocally so.

If you don’t know your rank how do you know you should be higher.
What do you do, if the mm placed you lower than usual? You can’t play comp anymore as it would be cheating.

Welp guess redo placements on a new account and hope for platin otherwise, delete account, not allowed to even try to climb. :sweat_smile:

Or you start in gold, but you think you are dia.
You shouldn’t play any comp game, bc cheating is bad.

So you buy 50 accounts until you finaly directly place in plat. But oh noeees you lost 20 games, delete account as you are too high for this sr now again. :sweat_smile: Sounds incredible fun tbh.

Btw, fps locked to 30,pc ppl play on microwaves and thus having 144fps is a unfair advantage.

Playing on 2k is unfair there are players on 430p 50% render scale, thus unfair advantage.

Some players have mechanical keyboards, they press 0.5sec faster, thus unfair advantage.

Theres players having more free time thus more time to learn everything from the game = unfair advantage.

Theres humans with less eye vision than others, = unfair advantage

Theres players with lower ping = unfair advantage.

Theres players getting air waved at them from cute girls, = unfair advantage i have to use a fan (makes noise) UNFAIR ADVANTAGE!!!

The only unfair advantage is you using software do manipulate the functionality of the game to your benefit.
Aimbot, wallhack, scripts.
Bc the enemies CAN’T use it.

Using your brain is no unfair advantage, the enemy is just stupid to use his own.

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IMO, he has already addressed the impact which is that their internal MMR gets sorted to the right bracket within 15 games or so.

A simpler explanation would be that your interpretation is off the mark, and that there’s nothing there for Blizzard to acknowledge. I’ll willing to bet that if you posed this exact question to Blizzard (Is smurfing considered cheating?), the answer they’d give is no.

Consider this. Your own skill in the game (Aim, decision making, gamesense etc) is the variable the matchmaker is testing for and trying to quantify with a hidden number. Every 6v6 competitive game is an iteration in trying to sort similar skilled players together on a ladder 12 at a time. Being a more skilled player (compared to the peers in your rank) is precisely what the matchmaker is testing for in terms of deciding who to promote to the next higher rank. Hence, being a higher skilled player is not an “unfair advantage”. The measure of skill is a variable being tested by the matchmaker.

Closest response from Jeff to support the claim i’m making:

Also, with regards to recognize and report players they believe to be boosting, this was the response:

Is that enough evidence to change your view? Or is there anything else you feel needs clarifying?

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That’s the end result. He didn’t address the impact a high tier player has in each and every lower tier match they play in until such time as they eventually get back to their usual tier.

Given that a high tier player in a low tier match has an undeniable unfair advantage, I don’t think there’s any misinterpretation to be had there.

That said, we just seem to be going in circles so let’s just agree to disagree.

No something cannot be “allowed” and be “Cheating”, those are basically two opposites. Cheating means breaking some form of rules, which is never allowed.

He didn´t need to adress it, as you see being better as an unfair advantage, which it isn´t. It isn´t an unfair advantage to be, stronger, better, smarter or more skilled than someone else.

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Please for the love of god, your logic is so flawed. It cannot be unfair to be there, if you didn´t choose it yourself. They have no way of influencing their rank. That is why it cannot never be unfair. Stop abusing words and make em fit your narrative.

Agree to disagree all you want, fact is, all you said is wrong, plain simple. You have nothing to back up your statement. The developers of the same quote that you cling to clarified, that your interpretation of the “unfair” advantage is not true.

Now that is all you need to understand. You can feel that way all you like, it doesn´t make it true.

If there’s no space for misinterpretation, then surely you’d be able to support your stance with evidence yes? e.g. A developer weighing in… some rule in written text etc (leaving no room for misinterpretation).

I’ve provided the evidence to support my claims. It would only be fair if you did the same.

I respectfully disagree here. Your entire argument is based on the properties of a player being more “skilled or experienced” to be an “unfair advantage”. However, so far this claim is missing any concrete evidence other than your own personal misinterpretation which has been refuted thus far.

Until you back up your claim with better sources, I ask that you concede that being a more skilled or experienced player is in fact playing fair when they are doing what they can to win. (all players have access to the same base game. no player is using any 3rd party softwares etc)

We are all player with varying levels of skills anyway. There’s always going to be a skill gap as players are inconsistent.

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Its everywhere. lol.

It is when you’re in a tier far lower than where you normally are.

All I said was the cold, hard truth. All you’re trying to do is dismiss it so that you and others of your ilk can keep on smurfing and ruining this game for others.

The in game reporting system is all the back up one needs.

They didn’t say that at all.

If you are playing a character you aren’t as good at, surely you’d be a lower rank?

For example I can play most of the cast in mystery heroes, but if I end up with wrecking ball I have trouble controlling him with my mouse and don’t seem to get any picks before dying.

Would being unable to reliably get kills and falling off the map half the time with Wrecking ball mean I should be:

  • lower than one of my mains I die a handful of times per match with 50 to 60% accuracy
  • the same as one of my mains I die a handful of times per match with 50 to 60% accuracy
  • higher than one of my mains I die a handful of times per match with 50 to 60% accuracy

Pick one (let me know if you need a hint)

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Smurf accounts is the only thing that keeps overwatch Alive financially. I ran into a smurf during placement matches said he was top 500 farmed us at spawned. Looked at his profile only played 10mins. If you are reading this you’re still a scrub.

No, you´re purposefully misusing words to your own liking, you hardly even understand, what smurfing actually is and where it comes from.

Doesn´t state, what you say, what so ever, you lying interpretation is not Truth or fact.

Jeff kaplan said it was not cheating, end of. Stop being a child.

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Give up, my friend, this is the kind of guy, that needs to lie about facts (that he interpreted from a blizzard quote), when the developers themselves, say the exact opposite.

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Hi, I’m still waiting for you to back up your statement with evidence. Citations, a quote from someone with authority. Anything really. Something to prove that you aren’t delusional/too stubborn to admit you might be wrong.

Like say you were given a random group of schoolkids (say 2,000) in the same year, and you need to sort them out into groups based on their skill in football. Say you only get to observe them playing 6v6 at a time, and then get the results and stats of how they played in game to make your decisions how to sort them.
Is the innate skill that a schoolkid possess considered an unfair advantage then? That they understand how strategy works and how to implement it… or had a dad who was coaching them growing up. Maybe hit a growth spurt and has better reflexes etc…

Sure, the pro kid probably could tell straight up if their peers aren’t as good as them. However he has the right to play the game just like anyone else. They aren’t using any illicit substances or breaking rules so they’re effectively playing fair.

You see, it feels like you’re blinded by the notion that games are ruined by the presence of these players. That they must be “cheating” in order to make you lose and feel terrible about yourself. But in actual fact, there’s always gonna be people better and worst then yourself. The sorting algorithm just takes a while to identify and filter these skilled players away so that they can play for the school team or regionals etc.

But if you’re just here to play a game of football, why care so much about the presence of these players?

See I think a smurf is not a problem at all.
Let’s look at it like this you have the same chance to get one on your team as you do one on the other team correct?
Another thing is people complain they are stuck in a particular rank and blame smurfs. But that just means you don’t belong in the rank the smurf is in if you can’t compete with them.
Utilize the avoid list and learn how to play a variety of roles and you will do fine in this game.

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