What category should boosting be reported as

What category should boosting be reported as?

It is not advisable to report boosting unless there is specific admittance by the user in text chat. Game Director Jeff Kaplan has stated before:

smurfing and boosting are two totally different things

That quote is about boosting.

Sorry about that, I pasted in the question (which I asked myself which he replied to) that specifically asked about boosting.

Well, it ain’t working, dude.

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I tend to use Gameplay Sabotage. It’s not hard to bait out an admission, usually these players are pretty proud of it.

Also, I’m sorry, but I don’t have faith in your people. I’m going to keep on reporting. They’ve not demonstrated any evidence of success since it’s still absolutely rampant behaviour.

Maybe if you’d actually banned those OWL players…

“people who don’t play overwatch because they were banned for life for being turds” category

oh sorry didnt see that