Players who were boosted

Why do it? What is your reason? How on earth do you get away with it?

This is a legitimate question.


Forgive me, but do you think anyone who knowingly violated the Blizzard EULA and Code of Conduct will reply to this post on the official forums?

As a reminder, its best not to stress over players who you think are boosted. Game Director Jeff Kaplan has stated the following about Boosting:


I assume that they just falsely believe that they belong in a higher rank but can’t climb there bc they actually belong where they are, so they just pay somebody to boost them bc in their eyes there’s no way they actually belong where they are.

i can only imagine them doing it to show off in front of friends or stream chats.
Which is totally understandable , people have low self esteem and probably helps them

I haven’t been boosted but obviously you get competitive points. A lot of boosting services also offer coaching while playing so you’ll get better at the game and after reaching higher ranks it’s not that hard to retain them for the rest of the season by playing low skill ceiling heroes just to avoid decaying. They also get to enjoy the whole gaming experience for hours and hours with great players AND get a pretty profile for it

The thought of buying boosting services has crossed my mind just for the reason of getting teammates who are really good and trying their best to win the game, but I’m cheap so

I think technically my support rank from last season was a little boosted. It placed me like 2750, which was like 250 higher than usual. I play Lúcio, bap, and Ana. Maybe I just got lucky, but in my 5 placements, I had good teammates and good synergy with them, and didn’t make many mistakes. My usual placement is low plat high gold, not mid plat.

This wasn’t purposeful boosting, mind you. I just placed higher than I should have.

There are many people who genuinely believe that they are belonging to a higher rank, that their team pulls them down.

Groups with friends, gets boosted, does not realise it. :slight_smile: