Eventually, SR won't matter anymore

There are so many smurfs in this game now, that one day the game will be dominated only by high skilled players (Masters and above) and the SR will have no meaning.
This is disgusting, EVERY match has at least 2 smurfs, mainly when there is a stack.


Just because you lose doesn’t mean it’s a Smurf

Just because the other team has someone with skill doesn’t mean it’s a Smurf

Just because you got steamrolled doesn’t mean it’s a Smurf

Just because someone has aim doesn’t mean it’s a Smurf.

Just because the other team is on fire doesn’t mean it’s a Smurf

It’s officially on copy/paste now.


Yeah, but when somebody is less than 1 star bronze border and popping off with Genji, Widowmaker, McCree, or any other high skill hero, it’s a pretty safe bet they are a smurf.

I only report players that meet that description.

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They have asked us not to report. Jeff himself has said this.

I would be more worried about getting banned for reporting about things they dont want you to.


No doubt it’s totally normal for a level 29 player on widow to get headshot

totally nomral I mean gold is clearly where all the good players are at these days…


Maybe for a week. But they do read those reports. I can tell you i was reported 30+ times for that reason. Nothing has happened.

Well we can also finally come to acceptance that private profiles was not a good idea. It simply ushered in a new era of trolling.


I have yet to hear anyone getting in trouble for making false reports. However you hear many players getting in trouble for people leveling false reports against them. Reports are looked at by a computer program. Unless you send blizzard video evidence of hacking they don’t care.

Yup, private profiles not only let you hide your playtime and heroes from everyone, but it automatically triggers some people without you needing to do anything! So convenient!

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Yep it also allows someone to derank over 1000 SR and you will never be the wiser. Oh what awidow has 8-1 KDR after 30 games but you would never know and the smurf who deliberately sits at the same rank by throwing on other heroes goes undetected.

I really hope it was worth it for you sensitive people who couldnt simply click the mute button to get rid of the person who complained about your playtime or that you were a mercy main doing a thankless job.

BTW nice icon let me guess you are using LFG for a convenient way to make “road to bronze” lobbies? Yall just love that icon.

Yeah, now some people don’t even NEED another account, cuz they can just go private and throw on their main. If they either don’t care, or are too cheap.

When I heard this was the reason they added the private profiles, I was 100% convinced it was just a joke. sigh oh how wrong I was…

Nah I’m a just a big fan of Shanghai Dragons. :wink:

I would like more fair ways to get new accounts accelerated to their true ranks, as i would to play people of my rank more often (2800-3400 across multiple accounts) , but eliminating smurfs would not change someone’s rank drastically, however it might reduce somebody’s time to rank up which would lead to a more pleasure competitive experience.

If you find “smurfs” in gold there not smurfs lol same with plat

There are FAR more smurfs in bronze than actual bronze. The games I see are full of widows that can six-shot an entire team repeatedly, mercys with gold elims, tracers with perfect play, etc., etc. If blizzard has “teams of people on this” then those people aren’t doing their jobs.

If I can detect a smurf in one round of play, their algorithms should be able to detect it. Bump that person by 500 SR immediately so they get out of range of my sorry bronze butt in two games instead of 200.

And it’s no fun when they’re on your team doing everything they can to ensure a loss either. If blizzard thinks this kind of play is perfectly fine because they sell another copy of the game, then shame on them.

There are way too few masters and above players for that to ever happen. We’re talking like 3% of the ranked population

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So when I’m pop off on reaper on my alt I’m a smurf even though I always try my best on reaper, I’m jusr really bad at him.